Success Stories

Colin Kavanagh

David and the team at the Edge did an amazing job in getting me in shape for a World championship sailing event in Dublin. This was the first time I had sailed at that level since I was in my early twenties and the event turned out to be... Read more

Brianne Mulvihill

I’ve been doing endurance sports, mostly triathlons, for years and started S&C training with James last November with the idea of building up some muscle strength. Little did I know that a year on I would be the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been and have had one of my best... Read more

Rebecca Woods

From running, to basketball, to triathlon, James is always up for a challenge! His broad knowledge base, innovative thinking and passion, puts me in the best possible position to progress in my sport. James always wants to be the best he can be, to make you the best you can be. His individualised... Read more

Adrienne Healy

I began training with Chris in April 2018, while I had lost some weight I was stuck in a rut and needed something to change. I was so nervous going to the gym the first time, but that was eased once I had a chat with Chris. He asked... Read more

Elaine Gallagher

I initially began training at The Edge to lose some weight for my wedding.  Starting off I joined the X-fit programme, attending semi-private sessions twice a week and occasionally trained at the weekend.  I found X-fit perfect for getting me started, with the team helping to set achievable goals... Read more


After many attempts at losing weight, I was lucky to find a gym-next-door: The Edge. I started training with Aaron in the morning X-Fit program. When I joined, my ultimate goal was to hit 102 kg within 12 months. Thanks to his tailored guidance and tips on both exercise... Read more

Judy Cadwell

In May 2017 with great encouragement from Chris I started at The Edge Gym and opted to join the classes, participating in 3 classes a week at 6.15 am. I thought I would initially join for a month to give me a boost for my summer holiday and quickly... Read more

Stephen O’Brien

Just over 12 weeks ago, I did a 5km fun run with work which turned out to be a real eye-opener for me and where my level of fitness was at. As more and more people were passing me out it really hit me that I was in a... Read more

Una Lowry

I decided to get some personal training sessions when I got sick of nothing fitting me any more. Initially it was just for a few weeks to give me a kick start, 6 months later I have no intention of stopping. Since I stared with Harry I have lost... Read more

Sean Paul Power

It is so important to keep training between events. If I do stop, it can easily lead to becoming rusty and losing the conditioning needed to compete in my preferred sport. The training itself does not have to be as intense as in competition training as this could lead... Read more


I’ve been training with Chris for some time now and am really happy with the results. Via a diet and workout plan, I have made some real progress in my squat, deadlift and bench with a well-constructed plan focused on incremental increases- the result being I am stronger than... Read more

Danielle Nolan

I’ve been training with Chris for seven months now and it’s by far the best investment I’ve made. He took the time to understand my goals and tailor each programme towards them. He consistently changed up the programme and monitored body measurements to keep me interested and motivated. Outside... Read more

Ashling Branagan

I had been working out in the Edge with my personal trainer Sean for nearly a year before I found out I was expecting. I typically did 2 personal training sessions a week as well as 2/3 group classes per week. The gym has always been an outlet, I... Read more


At the age of 14 years old I was told I had to have an operation to correct a 60% scoliosis curve in my back, called spinal fusion. Post operation, it had only been corrected to slightly above 80% along with 2 metal rods permanently placed either side of... Read more

Claire McCoy

I joined the Xfit course in January 2014 as I’d always wanted to learn more about strength training as well as tone up. With an engagement in February & my wedding in November, I never looked back! Andrew & Eoghan are great motivators for all the group and push... Read more

Mikey McGiff

I started training with Chris this past summer. The results I have seen are amazing, I am feeling healthier, stronger and fitter than ever before. His attention to detail is second to none, he has pushed me to achieve things I never thought I could do. Training with Chris... Read more

Conor Kelly

Thanks Chris for all the work you’ve done for me. I have reached every goal we set out for me, even when I didn’t believe I could achieve it, at the start I never thought i could do chin ups now I’m doing multiple set for reps. I am... Read more

Michael Fitzpatrick

Since I’ve started training with Chris I have noticed a lot of changes in myself. I am much fitter, agile and so much stronger than before I started training with him in The:Edge. He has helped me achieve all my targets and I have achieved numerous personal bests, he... Read more

Niav Halpin

I have been training at The Edge for 6 months now. I was reasonably aerobically fit as I swim a couple of times a week but I wanted to lose bodyfat and gain some strength. After 6 months my body fat has reduced by just over 10%, I have... Read more

Lisa Sweetman

Massive thanks to the Edge Team – Especially to my Coach Sean.  I lost 6kg & 9% body fat in 11 weeks and felt amazing on my wedding day! Sean had come recommended to me, and was brilliant from the beginning. He was so honest and told me exactly... Read more

Geoffrey Peat

Following a long term illness of my Mam and her subsequent passing I was feeling pretty low and lost interest in looking after myself and ended up putting on a fair bit of weight. However in April 2014 following some encouragement from my wife Avril I decided to phone... Read more

Declan Goggins

“I lost 18% bodyfat and put on 12kgs of lean muscle” I started training with David Mulqueen at The Edge when I was unfit and out of shape despite training 4 days a week. Through changing my nutrition and training I have managed to get myself into the shape... Read more

Chris Cadwell

“I was weighing in at about 155kg and nearly 37% bodyfat….. I am now down to 95kg and 10%” Before I started in The Edge Clontarf I hadn’t done alot of gym work and my diet was terrible, I played Rugby but I could no longer last the pace... Read more

Fiona Byrne – Photographer

Lost 9kgs and 11% Bodyfat – ” I will look my best on the day and I feel strong, fit, energetic and so proud” I began in earnest, fearing failure and fearing change. Today I weighed in at 60kgs which is 9k less than when I began and 9% less... Read more

Peter Murrin – Student

“I can now maintain a body fat of 10% through out the year” When I started training at The Edge I was just coming out of a rugby season where I had a body fat of 26% and weighed just under 110kgs. Through goal specific programs and detailed diet... Read more

Gabrielle Colleran – Doctor

“In 5 months I lost 3.5 stone. I dropped 4 dress sizes and I felt amazing on our wedding day” By the time I came to The Edge I had been trying to lose weight for almost 2 years. I’d tried intense exercise and faddy diets that left me... Read more

Marguerite Swan

“I have dropped 14kgs, which is over 2 stone and dropped over 2 dress sizes…..I feel amazing” When I started training at The Edge, I was nervous because my fitness levels were at an all time low and I had tried every diet imaginable without any success. However I... Read more

John O’Rourke – Guard

“My bodyfat dropped from 14.4% to 7.99%, my strength had gone up and my arm was in alot better shape” I came to the Edge: Clontarf in june 2009 with the goal of increasing lean muscle mass, dropping unwanted bodyfat and increasing his relative strength needed for rugby. Anobsticle... Read more

Sam Keeley

“I dropped an amazing 15kgs and 13% bodyfat” After years of playing rugby, I had brought myself up to a heavy 83kgs and 29% bodyfat. But thanks to Ciaran and the rest of the lads down at The Edge, in just four months, I dropped an amazing 15kgs and... Read more

Conor Ryan

“Within 3 months of training with David I dropped from 120 kilos to 102 kilos” 7 years ago I weighed 135 kilos and smoked approximately 40 cigarettes per day, I obviously had no energy and my health was anything but good. I was taking medication for both my heart... Read more