Stephen O’Brien

Just over 12 weeks ago, I did a 5km fun run with work which turned out to be a real eye-opener for me and where my level of fitness was at. As more and more people were passing me out it really hit me that I was in a bad way! So that weekend I built up the courage and contacted The Edge for help.

After my first consultation with Harry, he identified where I was going wrong; not sleeping enough, not eating at the right times and not training properly. Having assessed me, Harry then made up a plan and I haven’t looked back since!!

I’ve been training with Harry in The Edge for just over 10 weeks now and have gone from over 103kgs down to 90kgs ! This has been down to a detailed diet and training plan which has been set out for me. The sessions have been tough, Harry never let me get comfortable – changing my programme every few weeks so I didn’t get bored. Harry has been very supportive but also strict when he needed to be… one day I hope to smash up that airbike!!

I would 100% recommend Harry or any other trainer in The Edge. There is a great atmosphere down there and it’s a brilliant environment for people to achieve their fitness goals.