The Edge: Clontarf offers, not only Personal training sessions, but also specific strength and fitness classes that cater to our broad range of clients.

Our class programs are designed to ensure progress at each and every session and can be catered for beginners right through to the advanced client. You dictate your own training intensity,  with a little encouragement from your trainers of course!

Our class programs are action packed with a variety of body weight, free weight and machines to name a few. Sessions are kept varied with some added circuits including a combination of Kettlebells, TRX, Spin Bikes, Airdyne Bikes and Rowers.

Check out our latest class timetables for Clontarf:

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An intense  training class that leaves no muscles untouched! This hugely popular class is one of newer early morning and late evening high energy group classes for both male and female clients focusing on blasting body fat and increasing lean muscle mass. From burpees to squats, thrusters to planks, chin-ups to pull-downs. This class kick-start your day or helps de-stress, and is a great way to boost your energy at work and play.




A one- hour cardiovascular based class designed to eliminate unwanted body fat and build strength, improve flexibility and improve on your overall body health. This is  a high paced interval type class, designed to keep your metabolism and heart rate elevated for longer, turning you into a fat-burning machine!