Personal Training

Personal Training

Train one on one with your Personal Trainer in an environment that’s personal and motivating. Individual  Personal Training programs are given and provide the focused attention to ensure success in your health and exercise goals.


Buddy Personal Training

Buddy Personal Training allows you to train with up to 3 friends making personal training more affordable and motivating and even more fun. You can reach your goals with your friends and develop a supportive group to maintain your level of health and fitness for life.


Body Fat Testing

Using the highly accurate body fat calipers system, we find out where and why you store stubborn body fat in certain areas and find out how to target these sites aggressively.

We store body fat according to our diet, our lifestyle and medications which we consume. Lowering body fat decreases your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke, along with the aesthetic benefits of losing unwanted fat.

When you book in for your initial body fat analysis, you will learn why your diet is making you tired, overweight and stressed and how you can specifically change your lifestyle and nutrition to get in shape faster than ever before.

Women only Personal Training

Women tend to store fat a little differently than men, usually on target areas such as the glutes, hips, thighs and upper arms. Your Personal Trainer will help you establish the best plan of action to get you toned and fit and ready for any occasion with the latest knowledge in exercise, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle coaching.


Personal Training Packages

We can tailor a package to suit your needs, with personalised monthly, yearly and corporate packages available.

Gift Vouchers

Email The Edge team and give the most thoughtful and beneficial present- the gift of health. Our Gift Vouchers are the ideal Christmas present, or for a motivational New Year’s idea for couples to pursue. These are available all year round and are redeemable for a range of our products and serves, from Personal Training to Supplements and other health related products.