• David Mulqueen

    David is a Co-Director of The Edge. Helping people regain their health and fitness has become his life’s passion. David has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 18 years. He has continued to constantly educated...Read More

  • James Swan

    James is the Co-Director of The Edge. He started his interest in the fitness world at the age of 4 with martial arts training. By the age of 15, James had his own Personal Trainer and shortly afterwards won...Read More

  • Harry Keeley

    Harry has over 3 years experience in the Fitness industry with a strong interest in Nutrition and Strength & Conditioning. He started training in The Edge at just 16 years of age and became passionate about results-based training and...Read More

  • Liam Dinan

    Liam has over 5 year’s experience in the health and fitness industry, and has been competing in martials arts since a very young age. Since beginning his career in Personal Training, Liam has taken a keen interest in individualized...Read More

  • John Smyth

    John is a Personal Trainer with over 8 years’ experience. A career change in his 30s saw him moving away from a desk job and following his passion for the  fitness industry inspired by his love of sports and ...Read More

  • Eoghan Garvey

    Eoghan is a sports physical therapist who has been involved in the health and fitness industry for many years. He has trained in a variety of different sports throughout his life so understands the demands that different activities can...Read More

  • Kevin Quigley

    Kevin has joined our team since the Covid restrictions have gradually been lifted and has been involved in a variety of sport all his life. This is where his interest in fitness, health and nutrition began and decided to make...Read More

  • Mark Hynes

    Mark is a level 3 Personal trainer and level 2 gym instructor with ITEC/ FITCERT, Mark has always been a keen  fitness advocate from a young age, football, Thai boxing to bodybuilding and strength and conditioning training. Marks experience...Read More

  • Kevin McConnell

    Kevin has 2 years experience in the health & fitness industry, his passion for exercise and nutrition came through his own exercise journey. After years of learning in the gym, internships and Edge staff training, Kevin has developed the...Read More

  • Saoirse Whelan

    Saoirse has over 3 years experience in the fitness industry, her journey began when she started with a personal trainer over 2 years ago and found her passion for fitness and health. She then qualified as a fitness instructor...Read More

  • Julia Dobrovodska

    Julia have 3 years experience in the health and fitness industry with a strong interest in Strength and conditioning. Her background began with a passion for dance from a young age and competing at World Championship level, Julia’s interest and passion...Read More