James Swan

James is the Co-Director of The Edge. He started his interest in the fitness world at the age of 4 with martial arts training. By the age of 15, James had his own Personal Trainer and shortly afterwards won the Tae Kwon-Do World Cup, amongst other international and Irish titles.

James studied Nutrition and Exercise Science since the age of 16, when he learned how effective correctly-designed weights, nutritional and energy system training could improve performance and surpass current training limitations.

James’ training methodology is to get fast effective results that are sustainable and suitable to every population and is constantly up-skilling and researching to implement the latest in modern training recommendations. James has worked in the industry since 2003 and has undertaken numerous training courses and gained a plethora of qualifications.

To remain at the cutting edge of the health & fitness industry, James is constantly updating his knowledge by studying Nutrition, Anatomy, Exercise and Supplementation. To book your first consultation with James, click here.

*MSc. Exercise & Nutrition Science
NSCA – National Strength and Conditioning Association
PICP – Charles Poliquin International Certification Program Level 1 & 2NLC – Nutritional Lifestyle Coach
Phil Richards – Nutritional Internship
Phil Richards – Private Strength and Conditioning Internship 2008

Nutritional, Supplementation & Training Workshop with Eric Serrano (Infinity Fitness & Chief Formulator / Chief Medical Director for MP) 2014 & 2015

Nutritional Training w/ Martin McDonald (Team GB Olympics) 2013