Kevin Quigley

Kevin has joined our team since the Covid restrictions have gradually been lifted and has been involved in a variety of sport all his life. This is where his interest in fitness, health and nutrition began and decided to make this passion a career.

From a young age Kevin played soccer, gaelic and hurling up until his teens and became involved in Muay Thai in his early 20s. Unfortunately, after numerous injuries he is unable to participate in competitive sport and began to look into the causes and ways to prevent other people finding themselves in a similar situation. This has given Kevin a large interest in functional training and mobility, along with rehab/prehab training. Kevin loves cooking and has a huge interest in the benefits of good nutrition for everyday life and performance. He still actively trains in traditional boxing and coaches many of our clients.

Kevin began personal training as he has massively benefited both, physically and mentally, from living a healthier lifestyle. He understands the physical aspect is only one side of what we do, and the mental benefits of a healthier lifestyle often outweighs that over time. He loves the process of creating a road map to help clients achieve their goals and be happier.

Qualifications and specializations:

  • ITEC Diploma in Personal Training & Nutrition Level 3
  • Fatloss & bodycomposition
  • Boxing and conditioning training
  • Health and wellbeing