Una Lowry

I decided to get some personal training sessions when I got sick of nothing fitting me any more. Initially it was just for a few weeks to give me a kick start, 6 months later I have no intention of stopping.

Since I stared with Harry I have lost roughly 15kgs without feeling like I’ve missed out on anything. I was terrified before my first session between being so out of shape and the fear of the unknown, within minutes Harry had me at ease even though it was tough.

He regularly changes my workout plans to stop me getting bored, and knows when to go easy on me and when to push me harder, especially when I’m losing motivation or close to reaching a goal.

He’s also great to bounce recipe ideas off so I don’t end up eating the same thing all the time. I’m not where I want to be yet but I know with Harry’s help I’ll get there. I’m very lucky to have him as a trainer and a friend. I would recommend him 100% .