At the age of 14 years old I was told I had to have an operation to correct a 60% scoliosis curve in my back, called spinal fusion. Post operation, it had only been corrected to slightly above 80% along with 2 metal rods permanently placed either side of my spine from my neck to the base.
Up until the age of 19 post operation I never did any physical training or resistance training. Prior to starting to train I would consistently have back aches and pain…

I’ve been training at The Edge with Andy for 6 months now and these problems have totally gone- I feel like my back is stronger then ever along with seeing a massive physical difference and being more confident in how I look.
I’m just so delighted with my results and feel like I’m getting stronger and stronger all the time- the guys have been fantastic and I really cannot recommend them enough. It’s not all about six-packs and getting big and so on…

These guys are genuinely fantastic and I cannot thank them enough.