Sean Reid- #MyFitness

How did you get into fitness?
I’ve been involved in Sport and Fitness all my life. My interest in Coaching started at age of 17 when I had my first personal training session. From then, I increased my knowledge for all things in the ‘Health and Fitness’ industry.


What kind of sports do you enjoy and why?
I loved playing team sports like Rugby and Football as it pushed me to become better so as not to let my team mates down.

What are your tips for women who might be afraid to lift weights?
There is a misconception of “Getting Bigger” from women lifting weights. I completely understand though as it is a fear that most women have when they first start in The Edge. But before you even lift a weight we teach you the correct form using light—or even no weight at all. Lifting weights does not make women bigger. Eating cakes and sweets does.

What are your tips for me who are looking to gain lean muscle mass?
There’s an old saying “Abs are made in the kitchen” so getting lean and staying lean requires planning and preparation.


What are your favourite exercises to do yourself in the gym?
Deadlifts- why? Because you get serious bang for your buck with the Deadlift. When done correctly, the deadlift targets not only the lower extremities of your body but a lot of upper body too…You burn some serious calories and it really tightens those glutes.

What tips do you have for clients looking to stay motivated?
I like to have a training and nutrition plan for a number of weeks. I set myself little targets and try to reach them within that period. It really pushes me to stay motivated and focused on my Goal. “What we measure, we manage”.


What do you love most about your job?
I love helping people achieve their goals. There is honestly no better feeling than seeing a person transform in front of your eyes. Whether it be weight loss or strength gains, it’s great to see people with a smile on their face knowing that they have achieved something they never thought they could.

What are your goals for 2016 in terms of strength, health and fitness?
I hope to finish off my Neuromuscular Therapy course in the summer and look to start helping clients with any injuries they have. I had to have minor surgery on my knee so my goal is to get back squatting and lifting to my potential as soon as possible.

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