Asunta Borza

I joined “The Edge” almost 2 and a half years ago. Had you told me then, that fast forward to now, staying fit had become a staple part of my life, I would have never believed it.

I initially started on my journey with the goal of losing that excess “baby weight” I had put on since having my two boys. What I found at “The Edge” was a community that offered a friendly, positive and safe environment to train and a group of PT’s who were equally as positive and encouraging with a wealth of knowledge and experience to safely guide me through my process. Their support, flexible and commitment to their client base during the current pandemic and lockdown restrictions is further testament to this.

I achieved my initial goal of losing weight but on reflection realise I had achieved a whole lot more. My body is both physically and mentally stronger. Without realising it and with the support of  “The Edge” I had made a lifestyle change that not only helped me find “me” again but helped and continues to help me be the best version of “me” on a daily basis.

My PT James is a mecca of information on nutrition, supplements, sports and body injuries, and of course overall fitness. He will manage expectations so that you are aware of the effort and commitment required to achieve your goals but will push you to achieve your desired goals in a positive and encouraging manner.

Take the time to invest in yourself, it’s the only risk free investment that will return priceless dividends. The Edge and James helped me realise that and I haven’t looked back since.