Michael Mongan

When I met James his first question was, why are you here. A great question because, it made me focus on what I want, but more importantly he wanted to hear my objectives so as he could apply his knowledge and experience to my situation. My aim is to maximise the return I get from the time I spend exercising, and to ensure the exercise is best for my health and my body. So the ‘ask’ is a personal one, needing a personalised solution.

James’ knowledge on diet and his ability to link diet to a persons exercise regime taking into consideration their own medical history and objectives is invaluable. That to me is his USP, that combination of dietary and exercise advice, is what makes James Swan and The Edge Gym unique in the personal training space.

Since linking up with James and the Edge Gym, I have become fitter, stronger and healthier. My cholesterol has reduced to normal levels through diet and exercise alone, and I now actually get more enjoyment and better return out of exercise than I have ever done over the years.