Elizabeth Grenham

I had always been really active playing team sports but after multiple knee injuries, had to finally admit defeat and hang up my boots. I thought it would be easy to stay really active and go to the gym but keeping motivated on your own was tougher than expected. Id tried other gyms and classes but they never fully stuck. Then I found The Edge and started working with Aideen. I wanted to get back into a routine and invest in myself again and really learn how to build up my fitness and strength in a smart way under the watchful eye of someone who really knows what they’re doing. Ive got all that and then some in my time here. Its been brilliant. I’ve been pushed hard and have learned so much. With having previous injuries, I was nervous starting but Aideen has been great and accommodates sessions as needed while still maintaining the intensity. Going to The Edge is always really good fun and all the trainers make you feel so welcome. Would highly recommend Aideen and The Edge Marino and Im looking forward to getting back as soon as I can.