Bernie, Marc & Sarah

Myself and my partner Marc decided we’d like to get into shape, but we’d both let our physical fitness decline for so long that we were completely clueless about where to start. We decided to give The Edge a try. From the moment we got in contact with the lovely people in the gym, they were so helpful and put us at ease. There was such a lovely atmosphere there. We felt comfortable and never felt out of place. Then we were introduced to our trainer, Aideen. We were definitely starting at the basics and we were extremely nervous, but she immediately put us at ease. She listened to what we said and worked with us to create a program that suited us. And even though myself and Marc wanted different things, she tailored our workouts to cater for both of us to help us meet our goals. She also took the time to help us get a handle on our nutrition. She sent us lots of recipe ideas and articles on nutrition and health in general. After months of working with our personal trainer and raving about The Edge, my sister decided to join our small group training sessions,  and the three of us started working out together. Aideen was great, and gave her the same level of attention to detail that she had given us.

There is a lovely feeling of camaraderie and fun at The Edge. There is a real sense of team work among the staff. They are so friendly, accepting and flexible there. I really cannot rate our experience highly enough, and especially the care and encouragement we received from our personal trainer Aideen. Thanks for everything guys!