Judy Cadwell

In May 2017 with great encouragement from Chris I started at The Edge Gym and opted to join the classes, participating in 3 classes a week at 6.15 am. I thought I would initially join for a month to give me a boost for my summer holiday and quickly found myself hooked. I was made feel very welcome and encouraged by Aaron,Harry and Sean Paul. After a couple of weeks I could really notice a difference, I was eating and sleeping much better, the inches and weight started dropping so I kept going and now here I am 5 months later and I have shed 13kgs and 5% body fat.  A huge thank you to all at The Edge team for the consistent encouragement and patience, they are a fantastic group and the range of classes are great, suitable for all ages and they change them up every couple of weeks so your always being challenged. Chris gives me great nutritional tips and I now eat 6 times a day rather than 3 never letting myself get hungry. Role on Christmas and that little black dress.