Elaine Gallagher

I initially began training at The Edge to lose some weight for my wedding.  Starting off I joined the X-fit programme, attending semi-private sessions twice a week and occasionally trained at the weekend.  I found X-fit perfect for getting me started, with the team helping to set achievable goals for the 10 weeks and educating me on nutrition as well as offering healthy lifestyle tips.

As my wedding day loomed I decided to start personal training alongside of X-fit.  As soon as I added PT with Harry to my weekly training I noticed a difference.  I was getting stronger week on week as well as losing weight. Harry is a great trainer, always pushing me and making each session more challenging, but I loved it (just not all the burpees).

I suffer with lower back problems but this didn’t impact my training, Harry would tailor my sessions whenever I was having problems.  And now, thanks to my training I have noticed huge improvements in my core strength and in my ability to complete more sit ups / core exercises, as well as lifting progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. I find I actually look forward to my workouts.

Harry has an obvious passion for fitness and health and thanks to him I shed 5kg and 4% body fat in the run up to my wedding and I couldn’t have felt better on the day.  I would 100% Harry and The Edge for anyone looking to start lose weight or improve their fitness.