Niav Halpin

I have been training at The Edge for 6 months now. I was reasonably aerobically fit as I swim a couple of times a week but I wanted to lose bodyfat and gain some strength. After 6 months my body fat has reduced by just over 10%, I have lost c. 4kg and can almost squat my bodyweight.

I am now in the shape of my life – fitter, stronger, healthier, have dropped a dress size and am going a lot faster in the pool. The results have far exceeded my expectations – I had PT sessions twice a week with Eoghan initially for about 4 months and now once a week. Eoghan has challenged me, pushed me and encouraged me all the way and I can honestly say while it has been hard at times I have enjoyed (almost!) every minute.

Based on his advice I have also changed my eating habits which has been instrumental in reducing my body fat. This isn’t like your usual low fat diet, it is a lifestyle and it works. I have learned so much about food from Eoghan and found it all surprisingly easy to do. I love my food and I have really enjoyed this aspect of the training. I always look forward to my weekly PT sessions and now balance them with a Bodyfit class during the week and a gym session at the weekend.

It would be fair to say that I am now well and truly hooked and while at the start I felt that paying for a PT was a bit extravagant I believe it is worth every cent and can’t recommend it enough.
From Niav Halpin