Brianne Mulvihill

I’ve been doing endurance sports, mostly triathlons, for years and started S&C training with James last November with the idea of building up some muscle strength. Little did I know that a year on I would be the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been and have had one of my best race seasons to date!

Unlike other S&C classes that I had been to, James really focuses on the person and their goals. Each session is very targeted – there isn’t a one plan fits all, rather everything is carefully thought out and tailored to your needs. As important as the strength training, as I’ve come to learn, is the nutrition. I’ve completely changed what and eat and when I eat it and found it has made a huge difference. I’ve never felt stronger and I’ve found that I recover much quicker from hard sessions.

Couldn’t recommend James, or The Edge, more highly for any athlete.