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Ben Gorman – Director

Although I have trained in Gyms for years. It is only since I have been  training with at the Edge that I have found I have got the results I wanted. The Edge is very positive encouraging environment.  It has a very straight forward and pragmatic approach to both exercise and diet. I look forward to my visits to the Edge Clontaf they are invaluable. Its a great set up great equipment and even a sea view!”

Glenn Cunningham – Architect

My initial measurement was a body fat at 27% and within in a year under guidance of The Edge I have dropped to 10.9% body fat whilst losing 20 kilos along the way.   With advice and training programmes from the Edge my performance has increased by a ridiculous amount. I’m fitter and stronger now at 34 than I was when I was 20.

Stephan Hyland – Police Officer

I first started training at the edge when I was starting training as a police officer and I felt I needed to bulk up. I got a nutritional plan to follow and a training regime for six months. 6 months later I had gone from 73 kg’s to just over 85kg. I was hooked!!! I had caught the fitness bug. Since them I have never looked back. Im a healthier stronger more confident person now. I would recommend The Edge to anyone.

Louise Garvey

I have been training at The Edge: Clontarf for the past 11 months. In that time I’ve made considerable strength gains and my body fat has dropped from 18% to 13.5%. I really enjoy myself in the gym now, as opposed to seeing it as a chore and my performance in sport has improved. In addition to great results I enjoy the sessions.

Rob O’ Toole – Company Director

I decided to contact The Edge Clontarf. In less than four months , through a weekly training session and expert and realistic nutritional advice , I lost over three stone.

My cholesterol is now 3.5 and my energy levels have rocketed which has been great for my work/life balance as I run a busy company.  I would highly recommend using The Edge to anyone in the same position. Most of all the training was never intimidating and I feel much more confident using the gym equipment now. Added to all this is the priceless benefit of being in good health.

Gavin Cowzer – Student

Three months ago, thanks to a string of nasty injuries playing semi professional rugby, I was weighing in at a heavy 96kg and 20% body fat. It wasn’t until I started training in “The Edge” that I was given the right information and nutritional plans to achieve my desired goals. This has dramatically altered my appearance and my outlook on life. Three months on, I’m now 85kg and a lean 8.8%.

body brushing can help with the appearance of cellulite

How to get rid of cellulite with a good diet and supplementation

how to get rid of cellulite

Orange peel, cottage cheese or dimples, call it what you like- Every woman reading this knows that cellulite can seriously interrupt our pursuit of smooth, supple skin!

What is cellulite?
Cellulite is a collection of fat underneath the skin that causes a puckering effect which is seen on the skin topography. It occurs when subcutaneous connective tissue stiffens and fat pockets push out against this tissue, causing a dimpled appearance. It is mainly found on the bum, legs, tummy and upper arms.
Cellulite is not just fat- it is also an indication of the accumulation of toxic cellular wastes beneath the skin. For that reason, it is important to flush this nasty waste out of the system; Not just for a smooth, healthy skin appearance, but also to become healthier on the inside!

What causes cellulite?
Causes of cellulite are mainly attributed to nutritional and lifestyle factors. The main culprits are lack of exercise, alcohol, smoking, high carbohydrate intake, trans fats and poor vegetable intake.
Lack of vegetables is one of the main reasons for cellulite as vegetables contain antioxidants which detoxify the body and destroy nasty free radicals throughout the body. Both of these processes assist in the clearance of fat and cellular waste beneath the skin, which in turn, clears cellulite.
If you are exercising and your nutrition is good, supplementation will accelerate your fight against cellulite.

How can I prevent or get rid of cellulite?
Vitamin C plays a central role in the formation of collagen, which is the ‘scaffolding’ of our skin. Supplementation with vitamin C strengthens the skin’s structural support, preventing the skin from quite literally “buckling” under the pressure of subcutaneous fat pockets.

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin that acts as a potent antioxidant. Cosmetic companies have taken advantage of the powers of this vitamin, and most advance cellulite creams now include vitamin E as their main ingredient. However, supplementation with oral vitamin E has been seen to be even more effective at banishing cellulite!

Combining a good exercise program with a good healthy diet and the power of Vitamin C and Vitamin E will finally banish the dreaded orange peel appearance, leaving you with the smooth supple skin that you have always desired!

You’ve Completed the Marathon – What’s next???

marathon finisherSo you’ve just completed your long term goal of completing a marathon – now what?

• The most important first step is recovery, which starts immediately post marathon as you cross that elusive finish line!

1. If you’re experiencing substantial pain, if you feel light-headed or just don’t feel ‘right’, go straight to the medical post or first aid area.

2. Make sure you refuel immediately after the race by eating and drinking something right away.

3. Resist the urge to lie down on the ground, as this will cause your legs to stiffen up immediately if you do so. Walk around for at least 10 minutes to bring your heart rate down safely, and to avoid the risk of blood pooling in your legs.

4. Sleep is crucial for the recovery process. Listen to your body and don’t feel guilty about sleeping more than you regularly do- this is totally normal. Your body is telling you it needs to rest, so listen to it!

5. Do some light stretching in the days post-marathon but be careful not to overstretch. for information on our stretches read this blogpost.

6. After a week, your sore muscles and joints should be feeling better but it is normal to still feel sluggish and tired at this point, so listen to your body and make sure you take adequate rest. Be sure to keep eating a healthy diet with lots of protein (eggs, turkey lean chicken fillets, lean cuts of red meat etc…) which will help repair and rebuild your muscles.

Feeling blue post-marathon?

• The best way to cure the post marathon blues is to set yourself a new goal. This low feeling you may encounter post-run is entirely normal and is very common. Like any big life-event, you build yourself up in preparation. Sometimes when the big event is over, you can come crashing down and feel like you have nothing to look forward to or work towards. We recommend getting out and about for walks in the evening. Meet a friend for coffee and chats or start a new workout routine right away.

• If you decided you were a “one and done” marathon competitor, why not try something different to stay fit and healthy such as joining a gym with a friend; be it Personal Training , Buddy Training or even Group Classes.

If you are thinking about trying something new to keep fit and healthy, drop our team a line and come in for a chat. Joining a gym is a great way to meet new faces, have the chats and make some new friends. The bonus is you get great results in no time at all and you will feel fantastic after just a few sessions.

Vitamin D

vitamin dIs Vitamin D really important?

Now that our summer is officially over and with Winter months well and truly upon us, the days are much shorter and are slowly getting darker too. Now is the best time to start concentrating on keeping yourself healthy throughout the long winter months.

Let’s start with your Vitamin D intake- Nearly every single person in Ireland alone is deficient in this vital nutrient. We do obtain a certain amount from natural sunlight, however a combination of shorter days of sunlight, being cooped up in an office all day in work and going to work when it’s dark in the morning and coming home when it’s still dark mean that nearly all of us are completely deficient in Vitamin D.

Why is Vitamin D so important?

Vitamin D is necessary for a number of different reasons;

• It is crucial for the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous, which have various functions, particularly the maintenance of healthy bones.
• Vitamin D arms your immune system against disorders such as the common cold and viral infections.
• Vitamin D reduces the risk of development of rheumatoid arthritis in women. Certain studies have shown that those with high levels of Vitamin D have a lower chance of contracting different forms of cancer as opposed to people with lower levels.
• It is beneficial to your overall cardiovascular health.

How to get adequate Vitamin D throughout the Winter months

The Easiest way of ensuring your have adequate intake of Vitamin D apart from direct sunlight is through supplementation.
We highly recommend a starting point of roughly 400iu’s of Vitamin D daily. And gradually building that up to 600iu’s per day. You can find this supplement here.

10 Tips to get into that little Black Dress

jennifer anniston little black dressBelow are some tips that will help you lose body fat fast, and more importantly- keep it off!

Tip #1: Build Muscle- It helps to Burn Fat
Your best defense against fat is to increase your resting metabolic rate (RMR) by building muscle. Your RMR makes up the bulk of the calories your burn every day. The magic of a workout program which focuses on building muscle means that not only does it elevate your RMR by increasing the amount of muscle you have, it also increases the amount of calories you burn during the 24-hour recovery period following your work-out.

Tip #2: Weight Train with Full-Range of Motion, Multi-Joint Exercises
Choose weight training exercises that use more than one joint to burn the most calories and fat. These are called multi-joint lifts, such as the squat which incorporates the hip, knee, and ankle joints, or the chest press and row which use both the elbow and shoulder joints. Multi-joint exercises use more muscles than single-joint ones, such as bicep or leg curls, meaning they require more energy.

Tip #3: Increase the Intensity of your Workout (ie; Lift Heavier weights!)
Lifting heavy but doing fewer reps with more sets is a key component for fat loss. You can dispel the myth that lifting heavy will make you big and bulky- just take a look at some of the testimonials on our website. Women DO NOT produce enough testosterone to increase muscle size dramatically, and it would require you to eat a huge amount of calories a day to make you big and bulky.

Tip #4: Weight Train with Short Rest, Less Reps & More Sets
Using short rest periods is essential because it will burn a massive amount of energy quickly and increase fat burning hormones. Growth hormone (GH) is known to burn fat and build muscle, and it is released by the body in greater quantities in response to physical stress like exercise!
Circuit training is ideal because it is fun, fast, and intense. It burns more calories too: Do a circuit program in which you move as fast as possible between 3 exercises and do 5 sets of 6 reps per lift. Note the effectiveness of lifting heavy, with fewer reps, and more sets—this type of program is known for producing fast body composition results.

Tip #5: Do Sprint Interval Training for Cardio
Sprint interval training is far superior to aerobic-style cardio for fat loss and it can be done in less time than your typical (boring) aerobic program. Your intervals can be changed by either increasing the sprint, or decreasing the rest. Depending on your level of fitness, start with a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio (Rest : Sprint) and adjust accordingly as you progress.

Tip #6: Eliminate Processed Foods & Fizzy/Sports Drinks
It’s impossible to out-train a bad diet. Abs are, most definitely, produced in the kitchen! Processed food lack nutrition and contain chemicals, dyes, and artificial additives.  The macronutrients have been modified or are denatured, which means they aren’t metabolized in the same way as if they were in an unprocessed state. Eliminate anything that comes in a package and choose whole foods in their most natural state. Fizzy/Sports Drinks have a huge quantity of sugar in them, and need to be avoided completely. They have absolutely no benefit to your body, inside or out.

Tip #7: Eat a High-Quality Protein Diet, with Good Fats & Well Timed Carbohydrates
Eating high-quality organic protein is essential when it comes to fat loss as you want to get the greatest amino acid intake per calorie. Believe it or not these bad boys are the building blocks of tissue and muscle. Make sure you have sufficient intake of good fats, including foods such as avocados, raw nuts, organic olive & coconut oil and plenty of Omega 3 fish oils in your diet. Timing of your carbohydrate consumption is also extremely important, with the majority of your carbs to be eaten post workout. Your carbs must be low in sugar; foods such as sweet potato, butternut squash and quinoa being the best options.

Tip #8: Avoid Alcohol
Completely eliminate alcohol (the one exception may be red wine). Green tea and coffee are great beverages for fat loss because they increase metabolic rate and shift the body into fat burning mode. Restrict your coffee intake to pre-workout only because it has been shown to elevate the stress hormone cortisol after exercise, which can delay recovery and compromise your fat loss post-workout.

Tip #9: Supplement
Everyone needs to supplement, no matter how great their diet is. Supplementation is very individual, but some of the most essential include a high quality Omega 3 Fish Oil a Multi-Vit and a B-Complex. Probiotics  are usually required for optimal gut health also. Our Infinity Fuel is a massively important supplement for all of our clients, and we have had incredible results with it over the past number of years. You can find more information on all of our essential supplement range on our website.

Tip #10: Sleep
Sleep is hugely beneficial for stabilizing cortisol levels, your growth hormone production and recovery from training. Optimum sleep time would be from 10am-6am, ensuring you get 8hrs of quality sleep. If possible, you should maintain a deep sleep, with no disturbances, throughout the night. We understand that this can be near impossible for families with young children, so try to take one or two power naps during the day, whenever possible, to help with the hormonal effect of losing out on your much needed sleep.

By incorporating these 10 tips into your day to day living, you will fit into that little black dress-well in time for the upcoming Christmas Parties, and long afterwards too J

Stretching that extra mile

Marathon runnersGetting ready for Dublin Marathon October 28th

As Marathon season is quickly approaching, our team at The Edge Clontarf cannot reiterate the importance of stretching on a regular basis, particularly with the volume of training that you are putting your body through as your big day approaches.

As you prepare for your marathon, your body requires different warm ups and stretches to ensure your muscles and joints are well protected and ready for each training session, and indeed the day following a particularly strenuous day on your legs.

Regular and consistent stretching offers the following benefits;

  • Helps to prevent muscular aches, pains, and cramping
  • Reduces the possibility of muscular soreness/fatigue over the following day(s)
  • Decreases the possibility of a muscle-related injury
  • Increases the muscles efficiency and effectiveness of movement
  • Improves your overall speed, stamina, and form
  • Aids general flexibility

Pre-training Stretching (warm-up)

Before each training session, we recommend a light warm up and stretches that should last between 5-10 minutes. This pre-workout stretch is to ensure your muscles and joints are ready for the session ahead and to prevent any injuries.

Post-training Stretching (cool-down)

Following each session, we recommend stretching for a little longer- usually 15 minutes is sufficient- to prevent any muscular cramping, aches or pains.

Rest day Stretching

On your rest day  or if you are only doing a light session, we would recommend spending a little longer stretching, with the use of a foam roller if feasible. Mobility work using a foam roller would be the ideal addition to your training regime. Stretching using a foam roller will loosen up certain muscle groups that may be holding you back from improving your timing and can even be the one thing that pushes you that extra mile.

We have compiled some basic stretches below which target the glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors. These are fantastic exercises that will help get you started and will improve your training from the get-go.

Any queries or questions relating to pre-Marathon stretching or Foam Rollers, email our team to We also recommend the following supplements to optimise your training regime, and indeed your performance, on the big day. On behalf of all of the team at The Edge Clontarf, best of luck to everyone taking part in this year’s Dublin Marathon!




John O’Rourke – Guard

“My bodyfat dropped from 14.4% to 7.99%, my strength had gone up and my arm was in alot better shape”

I came to the Edge: Clontarf in june 2009 with the goal of increasing lean muscle mass, dropping unwanted bodyfat and increasing his relative strength needed for rugby. Anobsticle that I had to work around was that I had broke my ulna a month beforehand playing rugby. I was given a sport specific program with my goals in mind and also my injury taken into account. Within 3 weeks on my program the results were very visible, my bodyfat dropped from 14.4% to 7.99%, my strength had gone up and my arm was in alot better shape.

3 months into his program at The Edge: Clontarf John was at 4.7% bodyfat and increased hos lean mass by 6.2kg.

Conor Ryan

“Within 3 months of training with David I dropped from 120 kilos to 102 kilos”

7 years ago I weighed 135 kilos and smoked approximately 40 cigarettes per day, I obviously had no energy and my health was anything but good. I was taking medication for both my heart and my stomach. I decided I had to do something about the weight as it was going up at a huge rate. The first thing I did was to stop smoking and I joined Westpoint gym in Blanchardstown, within 3 months I lost approximately 10 kilos but then it slowed dramatically. I kept up the training there for another year or so before changing to Westwood in Clontarf and there I met David Mulqueen and decided to start doing personal training with David, this was definitely the best thing I have done in a long time as not only did he totally transform my body he gave me a total new attitude on my life. Within 3 months of training with David I dropped from 120 kilos to 102 kilos so when David and James decided to open The Edge there was absolutely no thought needed about following the guys there. The Edge is not just a gym where people go to train but there is a really friendly atmosphere there where everyone helps and encourages each other. David and James are two of the nicest guys you could meet and I would encourage anyone that not only wants to lose weight and look better but also to give yourself a whole new attitude on life to go and meet these guys and start training in The Edge.

Sam Keeley

“I dropped an amazing 15kgs and 13% bodyfat”

After years of playing rugby, I had brought myself up to a heavy 83kgs and 29% bodyfat. But thanks to Ciaran and the rest of the lads down at The Edge, in just four months, I dropped an amazing 15kgs and 13% bodyfat. For me, without the excellent advice and support from The Edge team, this transformation would not have been possible. I have noticed a serious positive impact on my energy levels, and feel leaner and healthier. I would strongly recommend The Edge to anyone, no matter what goal. The Edge thought me that hard training, and a simple diet would lead to great results.

Greg Mekitarian

Lost 22kgs (3.5 stone) in just 12 weeks!  When I started I could not do 1 press up or 200 meter on the rower, now I do press ups and 1000 meters for warm ups”

When I started with The Edge in Clontarf I was a 20 stone couch potato that could not do one push up or run 100 yards. Ciaran started me off on a exercise routine with a nutritional plan. In the beginning I found it difficult to do more than 200 metres warm up on the rowing machine. After 12 weeks of carefully monitored training and an eating plan I dropped almost 4 stone. My fitness levels soared as did my energy levels. Ciaran varied the training and always made it interesting. Training with the team in The Edge is like training with your best friends. All trainers are encouraging and there is always a great laugh to be had too. Motivation is also a great key to their success.

Now 6 months later. My life has changed, I train 5 – 6 times per week. My weight is still decreasing. I am leaner and my energy levels are higher now than when I was in my 20’s

I cannot credit the Edge high enough. All the guys know their stuff. They have a fantastic understanding of the human body and how it works and anyone looking to train properly and get the best results should look no further than The Edge.

Derek O’Donoghue – Barber

“I have added over 10kgs of muscle and feel my body has completely changed shape”

I started training with David at The Edge, approximately 2 years ago with my background mainly being in triathlon and long distance cycling.This year with the guidance of Dave I decided to change my focus to weight training and get over my fear of “weights” and the negativity I had surrounding them. I now train 4 times per week with my aim being to reach the goals set by Dave. I have found these goals hard but achievable and I am enjoying the results of same. I have added over 10kgs of muscle and feel my body has completely changed shape.

Conor McCarney – Student

“I dropped from a respectable 12% bodyfat to an astonishing 4%”

I started training at the edge this summer, in an attempt to get back in shape after long months of studying for my leaving cert. My goals were simple lose bodyfat and put on lean muscle. I had high expectations upon commencing my diet and program but the results i achieved after 5 weeks even left me dumb-founded and it was hard to believe that was me in the after picture.

I dropped from a respectable 12% bodyfat to an astonishing 4%, all thanks to the excel lent guidance of James and co. Thanks to James i am now in the shape of my life and i feel fantastic. For me it would have been impossible to even come close to this without the support and expertise of everyone at the Edge.

Without a doubt I would recommend the Edge to anybody, no matter what their goal is, with help from the James and all the lads at the edge any goal is obtainable.

Marguerite Swan

“I have dropped 14kgs, which is over 2 stone and dropped over 2 dress sizes…..I feel amazing”

When I started training at The Edge, I was nervous because my fitness levels were at an all time low and I had tried every diet imaginable without any success. However I was made feel completely comfortable and left my first consultation feeling positive and actually looking forward to training for the first time in my left. it was tough at times but thanks to my brilliant and patient trainer, Stephen I managed to reach my goals.

Colm McCabe

“I was 127 Kgs and 29.84% Bodyfat…..I am now 100 kilos and 13.4 % bodyfat”

I have always been into sports and the gym. I started with The Edge after a string of nasty injuries. I was 127 Kgs and 29.84% Bodyfat. But though hard work and determination with the right diet and training with James I transformed my life. I am now 100 kilos and 13.4 % bodyfat. I am still determined as ever to reach my goals with eating well and training with The Edge.

Graeme Smith

“I lost 15kgs and 22% Bodyfat thanks to The Edge” 

I lost 15kg of weight and 22% bodyfat after 12 weeks training at The Edge Clontarf. This is entirely down to their amazing trainers and facilities. The amazing support and motivation I received coupled with the incredible nutritional advice and their in-depth knowledge of training meant I achieved my goals in a healthy and sustainable way.

The Strongman and boxing classes are a particular favourite of mine which I believe everyone should try out. I would recommend The Edge Clontarf to anyone, there is no better place in Ireland to train.

Fiona Byrne – Photographer

Lost 9kgs and 11% Bodyfat – ” I will look my best on the day and I feel strong, fit, energetic and so proud”

I began in earnest, fearing failure and fearing change. Today I weighed in at 60kgs which is 9k less than when I began and 9% less body fat. I basically went from almost 11 stone (yikes) to 9.5 stone and from 25% body fat to 14% – in 11 weeks! My wedding is in 3 weeks and I am beyond excited. I feel confident that I will look my best on the day and I feel strong, fit, energetic and so proud.

Declan Goggins

“I lost 18% bodyfat and put on 12kgs of lean muscle”

I started training with David Mulqueen at The Edge when I was unfit and out of shape despite training 4 days a week. Through changing my nutrition and training I have managed to get myself into the shape I have always wanted. I am fitter, leaner and healthier than I have ever been. I lost 18% bodyfat and put on 12kgs of lean muscle. I now look forward to challenging myself further with new goals and targets.

Lee O’Hora – Radiographer

“At the age of 34 I’m fitter, stronger, leaner and faster than I was when I was 24”

I started training at The Edge Clontarf 4 years ago. Then I weighed 76kg and was 18% body fat. Today I’m weighing in at a healthy 89kg and hold at about 10% body fat year-round. At the age of 34 I’m fitter, stronger, leaner and faster than I was when I was 24. I can’t recommend The Edge highly enough. If you are serious about your health, give them a call!

Peter Murrin – Student

“I can now maintain a body fat of 10% through out the year”

When I started training at The Edge I was just coming out of a rugby season where I had a body fat of 26% and weighed just under 110kgs. Through goal specific programs and detailed diet plans James not only helped me to lose the the fat I was carrying but I became stronger in the process. I now weigh 92kgs and maintain a body fat of 10% through out the year.


Through my experience in The Edge I now have learned so much about nutrition and how to utilize it to get the best results out of your training. I highly recommend The Edge to anyone whether they’re involved in training or just beginning as they offer wide variety of opportunities for you to really push yourself and achieve your goals.

Aisling Jordan – Aircraft Engineer – Ryanair

“Leaner, fitter, faster & stronger…my goals I dreamed about before are no longer dreams, they are now achievable.

As a sports fanatic growing up, I’ve spent most of my life playing some sort of sport whether it being Soccer, Camogie, Running or Skydiving. Camogie was the one I focused on for years. I was training hard with St Vincents GAA club and all was going well until I sustained a hand injury playing in a championship match. Needing 3 operations to fix, I was advised not to return to Camogie for 6 months to a year. My Camogie has come to an end now until next season. Not being able to train, I didn’t know what else to do. I was getting bored and my muscles were wasting away to nothing. It was one day my Dad said “Aisling why don’t you try build up on your strength, you’re fast and speedy on the pitch but strength is an area you could improve on. Adding a bit more muscle mass to your body you could be a super athlete”. Taking his advice, this is exactly what I focused on. After hearing great reviews about The Edge and what people have achieved from training with them, I went down for a consultation, gave it a shot and by god I don’t regret it.

Running is now my new sport I’m passionate about. I’ve always liked running but never went into training for running marathons until now. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own so I needed professional help. I was given Chris as my PT and I would recommend him to anyone. He has basically changed my whole physical appearance from having a small frame, poor strength and wasted muscle to now having a leaner, fitter and stronger body. Chris pushing me in each session until nearly dying is paying off, I’ve gained muscle mass, I can squat approx 47kg (before I could barely lift an egg) but not only that my mental attitude, my belief and confidence in myself has improved enormously which is a very important quality to have when competing in marathon runs or in any sport. Since starting with The Edge, I’ve ran in 3 10k marathons, one being the 10K FIT CITY SERIES in the Phoenix Park. Up against top athletes, one being the well known Olympic athlete, Catriona McKiernan, I shocked myself by coming 3rd standing on the Podium next to her to receive a Bronze medal. I can only thank The Edge for helping me make one of my dreams come true. I’ve many more important races coming up, so the hard training with Chris, taking his advice on exercise, nutrition and most importantly having rest days, I am aiming to come within the top 50 females in my next run (Clontarf half marathon). This I believe is only achievable if I continue to train hard with The Edge and listen to their instructions and take all advice on board in each training session. If I’m told to push myself, I’ve got to do it…they know best. If you want to achieve any goal in your life that requires you to change your physical appearance, strength and mental attitude, I would recommend The Edge to you. It’s a place that will change your dreams into reality!”

I decided to try the Edge because although I was going to the gym regularly, I wasn’t really seeing the results I wanted. I felt I had reached a plateau with my weight and I needed some direction. From my very first session with Chris he helped me to see where I could improve my diet and my fitness. The diet plan is easy to follow and I really look forward to my weekly sessions. Although the workouts are tough, they’re fun and always varied. With the motivation and direction that Chris gives me I have almost achieved my goal weight and have dropped from over 20% body fat to 14.5%. I am delighted with my results and I feel stronger and more energetic. There is a great atmosphere in the gym and all the staff members are really friendly and approachable. I have recommended Chris to friends and they have all been equally delighted with their experience.  I would definitely recommend The Edge to anyone who wants to improve their fitness or who feels that they’re stuck in a rut.

Laura Egan – Buddy Training testimonial

“We both started to train with Andrew at the Edge in May of last year in preparation for Niamh’s wedding in August. We have always done some level of training, Niamh ran a marathon and loves her running and we both do some level of cardio training 3-4 times a week. We never really liked working out in a gym but the edge is completely different. Unlike other gyms where you are left to your own devices, you get personalised one to one training. What other gym would have you pushing prowlers and doing Military burpees! Andrew is enthusiastic, supportive and genuinely cares about your progress and general health.

We never done any sort of weight training and although we thought we were fit, working out with andrew soon showed us our deficiences in strength. Each session is different and andrew puts us through our paces and constantly push’s us further, building up our strength. As a result both of us are much stronger and much to our surprise our running has increased dramatically. We never liked weight training with running but as we became stronger through Andrews sessions became faster in our running. We always thought running was about putting in the miles and the more you did the better/faster you became. However Andrew’s sessions have built up strength and showed us that this type of training has hugely positive impacts on your running ability. The benefits of our workouts with Andrew have been huge in our fitness levels, he is also our go-to person for nutrition and supplementation advice and his knowledge and support is great.

The standard of training with Andrew is excellent and we can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Gabrielle Colleran – Doctor

“In 5 months I lost 3.5 stone. I dropped 4 dress sizes and I felt amazing on our wedding day”

gabyBy the time I came to The Edge I had been trying to lose weight for almost 2 years. I’d tried intense exercise and faddy diets that left me starving but no lighter. Having trained hard in college and eaten well I’d changed overnight when I started working to a lifestyle of long hours, no exercise and fast foods eaten at the wrong times. I put on the weight really fast, in under a year and once it went on, it stayed put for 3 years. Continue reading