Gabrielle Colleran – Doctor

“In 5 months I lost 3.5 stone. I dropped 4 dress sizes and I felt amazing on our wedding day”

gabyBy the time I came to The Edge I had been trying to lose weight for almost 2 years. I’d tried intense exercise and faddy diets that left me starving but no lighter. Having trained hard in college and eaten well I’d changed overnight when I started working to a lifestyle of long hours, no exercise and fast foods eaten at the wrong times. I put on the weight really fast, in under a year and once it went on, it stayed put for 3 years.

When I went to Dave it was 5 months before my wedding. I hadn’t bought a wedding dress as I didn’t want to order it in the size I was but I was getting very close to the date. Dave was brutally honest. He told me I needed to totally overhaul my approach to food and exercise. He drew up a personalised food and exercise plan for me and checked in regularly to see how I was getting on. He doesn’t accept excuses because he knows that if you follow his programme you end up lean, strong and healthy and it is that simple. I quickly realised that If I didn’t perform and follow the programme he would stop training me!

Adjusting to a new way of eating and exercise wasn’t as hard as I’d expected, once I got results I felt really motivated. Looking better in clothes, feeling healthier, compliments from colleagues, family and friends strengthened my resolve to stick to it. Most things in life are habit and once you form new ones your body just adjusts.

In 5 months I lost 3.5 stone. I dropped 4 dress sizes and I felt amazing on our wedding day.

For anyone who wants to try but is embarrassed or afraid, the best advice I can give is to just pick up the phone or drop in. The lads in The Edge all love what they do and have a passion for health and fitness that is infectious and really motivational. I came looking for weight loss, I got that and a lot more besides: a healthier, fitter me.

People often ask why I still go to a personal trainer mainly due to the cost. For me it’s very simple, the cost of a session is a the same as a night out and the training is better for me. It may mean I buy less clothes but I look better in the ones I have. Fitness and health is a lifelong priority for me now and I couldn’t imaging returning to my old habits. I benefit from Dave’s ongoing research every week.He’s constantly tweaking my programme, challenging my fitness and making me aware of nutritional facts that help me improve the way I eat and train.