Paddy Courtney – Actor

Lost 9Kg & 8% Bodyfat in 8 weeks

paddyI had put on some extra padding over the last couple of years, since retiring from stand up comedy. I not only wanted to lose some weight, but I wanted to lower my body fat content. I am a huge fan of horse racing and have massive respect for the jockeys who put their bodies on the line for the sport that myself and millions of others enjoy. I know that jockeys have a seriously low body fat level and I wanted to see if I could reduce mine in solidarity with them. I’m also hoping to ride in a charity horse race in 2014.

Since training with Andrew, he has guided me in the right direction of what to do, when I’m not in the gym (which is just one hour for three days a week).

It’s almost like an after sales service. He’ll advise me on the right amount of sleep I should be getting, along with the correct food to help fuel my training sessions with him and any extra physical exercise I can do, outside of our training sessions. On my first day’s training he photographed me, weighed me and measured my body fat with callipers. I was sick to learn that I was over 12 stone in weight and almost 25% of that was body fat. How in the name of Jebus can a quarter of me be fat, I thought, but suddenly realised it was the copious amounts of booze, take away food and sweets I consume, that brought me to this ridiculous point in my life. I was determined to literally work my ass of to achieve some positive results and wobbled out of the office to begin my training program. Within ten minutes I thought I was going to puke out of my eyes all over the studio. I had no idea how unfit I had become. Thankfully for me, Andrew recognised the signs of old man fatigue and he gave me time to compose myself and my dignity. I didn’t puke!
I’ve managed to stay away from booze, except for one glass of wine on the very first week. I kept a food diary, which is one of the most important aspects of training. It helped me to keep an eye on the correct food to eat, so that I wasn’t wasting my time or Andrew’s, when it came to my training.