Emma Corcoran

“Lost 11kgs & 6% Body Fat in 8 weeks“

The best thing about a session with Andrew is you can walk out knowing your one step closer to achieving your goal”

emmaBefore I started training in The Edge my fitness levels were at an all time low. I had very little energy and poor diet choices were really effecting me. It was really worrying me and i knew i needed to make a change. I was very nervous about coming into The Edge, I’ve never been very active let alone athletic! Upon meeting Andrew, he immediately made me feel comfortable. He was professional, personable and positive.

The atmosphere in The Edge is genuinely electric and highlycontagious,It’s evident everybody here loves what they do. I’ve neverleft a session without a smile on my face. The guys are reallyfriendly and encouraging, they’re always there to motivate you whenyour really feeling the burn! There’s so many different levels offitness within The Edge i never felt out of place. Every session was different and more challenging than the last! Andrewpushed me further than i honestly feel i would ever gone if i wasdoing it alone, when i was ready to give up he always spurred me on.

The best thing about a session with Andrew is you can walk outknowing your one step closer to achieving exactly what you want to dowhether its loosing weight,toning up or improving your fitness ingeneral.In terms of results i saw them as soon as week after i began.I feel better, i sleep better and i look better.

Andrew helped mepinpoint exactly the dietary changes i needed to make this happen.

All in all, I have been converted! From couch potato to novice gym bunny Andrew and The Edge team have instilled a love of exercise within me that I never thought was possible (EVER!).

The peace of mind about my health that training with Andrew gave me is priceless and I cannot recommend him enough. If you want to stop making excuses and start seeing real results then a session with Andrew is imperative.