Laura Egan – Buddy Training testimonial

“We both started to train with Andrew at the Edge in May of last year in preparation for Niamh’s wedding in August. We have always done some level of training, Niamh ran a marathon and loves her running and we both do some level of cardio training 3-4 times a week. We never really liked working out in a gym but the edge is completely different. Unlike other gyms where you are left to your own devices, you get personalised one to one training. What other gym would have you pushing prowlers and doing Military burpees! Andrew is enthusiastic, supportive and genuinely cares about your progress and general health.

We never done any sort of weight training and although we thought we were fit, working out with andrew soon showed us our deficiences in strength. Each session is different and andrew puts us through our paces and constantly push’s us further, building up our strength. As a result both of us are much stronger and much to our surprise our running has increased dramatically. We never liked weight training with running but as we became stronger through Andrews sessions became faster in our running. We always thought running was about putting in the miles and the more you did the better/faster you became. However Andrew’s sessions have built up strength and showed us that this type of training has hugely positive impacts on your running ability. The benefits of our workouts with Andrew have been huge in our fitness levels, he is also our go-to person for nutrition and supplementation advice and his knowledge and support is great.

The standard of training with Andrew is excellent and we can’t recommend it highly enough.”