Aisling Jordan – Aircraft Engineer – Ryanair

“Leaner, fitter, faster & stronger…my goals I dreamed about before are no longer dreams, they are now achievable.

As a sports fanatic growing up, I’ve spent most of my life playing some sort of sport whether it being Soccer, Camogie, Running or Skydiving. Camogie was the one I focused on for years. I was training hard with St Vincents GAA club and all was going well until I sustained a hand injury playing in a championship match. Needing 3 operations to fix, I was advised not to return to Camogie for 6 months to a year. My Camogie has come to an end now until next season. Not being able to train, I didn’t know what else to do. I was getting bored and my muscles were wasting away to nothing. It was one day my Dad said “Aisling why don’t you try build up on your strength, you’re fast and speedy on the pitch but strength is an area you could improve on. Adding a bit more muscle mass to your body you could be a super athlete”. Taking his advice, this is exactly what I focused on. After hearing great reviews about The Edge and what people have achieved from training with them, I went down for a consultation, gave it a shot and by god I don’t regret it.

Running is now my new sport I’m passionate about. I’ve always liked running but never went into training for running marathons until now. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own so I needed professional help. I was given Chris as my PT and I would recommend him to anyone. He has basically changed my whole physical appearance from having a small frame, poor strength and wasted muscle to now having a leaner, fitter and stronger body. Chris pushing me in each session until nearly dying is paying off, I’ve gained muscle mass, I can squat approx 47kg (before I could barely lift an egg) but not only that my mental attitude, my belief and confidence in myself has improved enormously which is a very important quality to have when competing in marathon runs or in any sport. Since starting with The Edge, I’ve ran in 3 10k marathons, one being the 10K FIT CITY SERIES in the Phoenix Park. Up against top athletes, one being the well known Olympic athlete, Catriona McKiernan, I shocked myself by coming 3rd standing on the Podium next to her to receive a Bronze medal. I can only thank The Edge for helping me make one of my dreams come true. I’ve many more important races coming up, so the hard training with Chris, taking his advice on exercise, nutrition and most importantly having rest days, I am aiming to come within the top 50 females in my next run (Clontarf half marathon). This I believe is only achievable if I continue to train hard with The Edge and listen to their instructions and take all advice on board in each training session. If I’m told to push myself, I’ve got to do it…they know best. If you want to achieve any goal in your life that requires you to change your physical appearance, strength and mental attitude, I would recommend The Edge to you. It’s a place that will change your dreams into reality!”

I decided to try the Edge because although I was going to the gym regularly, I wasn’t really seeing the results I wanted. I felt I had reached a plateau with my weight and I needed some direction. From my very first session with Chris he helped me to see where I could improve my diet and my fitness. The diet plan is easy to follow and I really look forward to my weekly sessions. Although the workouts are tough, they’re fun and always varied. With the motivation and direction that Chris gives me I have almost achieved my goal weight and have dropped from over 20% body fat to 14.5%. I am delighted with my results and I feel stronger and more energetic. There is a great atmosphere in the gym and all the staff members are really friendly and approachable. I have recommended Chris to friends and they have all been equally delighted with their experience.  I would definitely recommend The Edge to anyone who wants to improve their fitness or who feels that they’re stuck in a rut.