Conor Ryan

“Within 3 months of training with David I dropped from 120 kilos to 102 kilos”

7 years ago I weighed 135 kilos and smoked approximately 40 cigarettes per day, I obviously had no energy and my health was anything but good. I was taking medication for both my heart and my stomach. I decided I had to do something about the weight as it was going up at a huge rate. The first thing I did was to stop smoking and I joined Westpoint gym in Blanchardstown, within 3 months I lost approximately 10 kilos but then it slowed dramatically. I kept up the training there for another year or so before changing to Westwood in Clontarf and there I met David Mulqueen and decided to start doing personal training with David, this was definitely the best thing I have done in a long time as not only did he totally transform my body he gave me a total new attitude on my life. Within 3 months of training with David I dropped from 120 kilos to 102 kilos so when David and James decided to open The Edge there was absolutely no thought needed about following the guys there. The Edge is not just a gym where people go to train but there is a really friendly atmosphere there where everyone helps and encourages each other. David and James are two of the nicest guys you could meet and I would encourage anyone that not only wants to lose weight and look better but also to give yourself a whole new attitude on life to go and meet these guys and start training in The Edge.