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C-5000 provides a full 5000mg of vitamin C per teaspoonful in a gentle buffered form and in a base of freeze dried fruit juice. A great way of providing high levels of vitamin C and is very easy for children to take, especially during cold and flu season!

Our Vitamin C-5000 is a high-strength antioxidant.
Essential C has been used by The Edge clients to:
– Lower excess stress hormones (cortisol)
– Help increase recovery after exercise
– Increase overall well-being
– Helps lower abdominal body fat

-Promote Collagen production

Recommended Dosage:
One scoop (5grams) mixed with water taken daily with meals, or as professionally directed

Who should take this product:
Anyone with a hectic lifestyle, or who wants that extra support for the immune system, particularly during the autumn and winter months.

3 thoughts on “C-5000

  1. great product. Highly recommend this supplement. I take 1 scoop with breakfast and 1 scoop in water through-out the day, great way to get your vit-C in.

  2. The benefits of a high dose Vitamin C are endless. Extremely important supplement. Just google Linus Pauling and enjoy reading bout all of these benefits!

  3. This was an essential element of my nutrition when trying to drop bodyfat, I take 5g post training to aid with the lowering of cortisol.

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