Omega 3 Liquid Fish Oil

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Omega 3 liquid offers an extremely high level of EPA(1050mg) and DHA(750mg), and is molecularly distilled meaning all of the goodness is retained. With a  pleasant taste, no detectable levels of heavy metal and PCB contaminants and an easy-to-use bottle, this is the most premium fish oil available on the Irish market.

Omega 3 Fish Oil offers the following benefits:

-Fights Inflammation

-Controls the Glycemic Index of foods

-Brain Health and concentration

– Joint health

Recommended Dosage:

3-6grams per day with meals or as directed by your health care professional

Who should take this product:

Fish oils have been scientifically proven to aid in many disorders i.e. cardiovascular related issues to obesity to concentration levels. All children over the age of 6 and adults who rarely eat oily fish such as herring or sardine would benefit from the high concentrations of DHA and EPA.

6 thoughts on “Omega 3 Liquid Fish Oil

  1. A great fish oil supplement, I like to take it every day and also with my cheat meals at the weekend to blunt the sugar effect.

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