Stretching that extra mile

Marathon runnersGetting ready for Dublin Marathon October 28th

As Marathon season is quickly approaching, our team at The Edge Clontarf cannot reiterate the importance of stretching on a regular basis, particularly with the volume of training that you are putting your body through as your big day approaches.

As you prepare for your marathon, your body requires different warm ups and stretches to ensure your muscles and joints are well protected and ready for each training session, and indeed the day following a particularly strenuous day on your legs.

Regular and consistent stretching offers the following benefits;

  • Helps to prevent muscular aches, pains, and cramping
  • Reduces the possibility of muscular soreness/fatigue over the following day(s)
  • Decreases the possibility of a muscle-related injury
  • Increases the muscles efficiency and effectiveness of movement
  • Improves your overall speed, stamina, and form
  • Aids general flexibility

Pre-training Stretching (warm-up)

Before each training session, we recommend a light warm up and stretches that should last between 5-10 minutes. This pre-workout stretch is to ensure your muscles and joints are ready for the session ahead and to prevent any injuries.

Post-training Stretching (cool-down)

Following each session, we recommend stretching for a little longer- usually 15 minutes is sufficient- to prevent any muscular cramping, aches or pains.

Rest day Stretching

On your rest day  or if you are only doing a light session, we would recommend spending a little longer stretching, with the use of a foam roller if feasible. Mobility work using a foam roller would be the ideal addition to your training regime. Stretching using a foam roller will loosen up certain muscle groups that may be holding you back from improving your timing and can even be the one thing that pushes you that extra mile.

We have compiled some basic stretches below which target the glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors. These are fantastic exercises that will help get you started and will improve your training from the get-go.

Any queries or questions relating to pre-Marathon stretching or Foam Rollers, email our team to We also recommend the following supplements to optimise your training regime, and indeed your performance, on the big day. On behalf of all of the team at The Edge Clontarf, best of luck to everyone taking part in this year’s Dublin Marathon!