Greg Mekitarian

Lost 22kgs (3.5 stone) in just 12 weeks!  When I started I could not do 1 press up or 200 meter on the rower, now I do press ups and 1000 meters for warm ups”

When I started with The Edge in Clontarf I was a 20 stone couch potato that could not do one push up or run 100 yards. Ciaran started me off on a exercise routine with a nutritional plan. In the beginning I found it difficult to do more than 200 metres warm up on the rowing machine. After 12 weeks of carefully monitored training and an eating plan I dropped almost 4 stone. My fitness levels soared as did my energy levels. Ciaran varied the training and always made it interesting. Training with the team in The Edge is like training with your best friends. All trainers are encouraging and there is always a great laugh to be had too. Motivation is also a great key to their success.

Now 6 months later. My life has changed, I train 5 – 6 times per week. My weight is still decreasing. I am leaner and my energy levels are higher now than when I was in my 20’s

I cannot credit the Edge high enough. All the guys know their stuff. They have a fantastic understanding of the human body and how it works and anyone looking to train properly and get the best results should look no further than The Edge.