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Vitamin D is essential for teeth and bone health, by supporting the absorption of calcium. For these benefits the RDA level of 5ug per day is normally adequate.

Vitamin D also assists our cells by regulating their functionality.

We have now introduced Sunshine D in a very pleasant chewable tablet form containing the full level of 25ug per tablet – making it the easiest means possible of ensuring that you receive the full benefits of this wonderful vitamin.

Benefits of Sunshine D:

-Increases immune function, and lowers bad inflammatory markers

-Maintains healthy teeth

-Strengthens bones

Recommended dosage:

Take 2-3 chewable tablets per day

Who should take this product:

Recent studies suggest that all adults would benefit from taking this product on a daily and indefinite basis. Essential for anyone on a fat loss plan.

3 thoughts on “Sunshine D – Chewable Caps

  1. Used to suffer from regular colds and flu but thanks to this supplement my immune system has never been better.

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