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I’ve been training with Chris for some time now and am really happy with the results. Via a diet and workout plan, I have made some real progress in my squat, deadlift and bench with a well-constructed plan focused on incremental increases- the result being I am stronger than I have ever been, with for example my squat moving from 100kg to 140kg over the past 2 months alone. Supporting this is a focus on diet and getting the right combination of foods and nutrients. I travel a lot with my work and Chris has gone that extra mile by frequently sending programs that I can do at my hotel so that I don’t fall behind my goal. My energy levels are great and I enjoy working with Chris- good laughs and thanks for all the progress so far!


Sean Paul Power

It is so important to keep training between events. If I do stop, it can easily lead to becoming rusty and losing the conditioning needed to compete in my preferred sport. The training itself does not have to be as intense as in competition training as this could lead to burn out, but instead focusing moreso on improving technique and staying ‘ready’. Training with the Edge lads gets me back to competition training so much quicker than before, and I am in the best shape of my life!


Danielle Nolan

I’ve been training with Chris for seven months now and it’s by far the best investment I’ve made. He took the time to understand my goals and tailor each programme towards them. He consistently changed up the programme and monitored body measurements to keep me interested and motivated. Outside of our gym sessions Chris took the time to analyse my food and shared plans to help keep me on track. Chris’s impressive knowledge of weight training, diet and his friendly manner makes him a joy to train with I would highly recommend him as a trainer.


Ashling Branagan

ash-bran-largeI had been working out in the Edge with my personal trainer Sean for nearly a year before I found out I was expecting. I typically did 2 personal training sessions a week as well as 2/3 group classes per week. The gym has always been an outlet, I find it so good for my mood and overall wellbeing. I was really scared telling Sean I was pregnant, I was so unsure about training when pregnant and thought I would have to give up the gym (I obviously had no clue!). I told Sean pretty early on, he was so supportive and really informative. He explained I could do exactly what I had been doing but that he would make adjustments as the weeks and months progressed. He stressed to me about listening to my body and taking things slowly.

Once I met with Sean I felt great, I was really relieved and happy with his support and knowing I could continue my training.
I am really competitive with myself when it comes to the gym and quickly realised that my ability to lift weights and train was just not the same. I battled for the first few weeks trying to keep up with the old pre-pregnancy me but I just couldn’t. I was so frustrated with myself and expressed my concerns to Sean. He kept telling me to take it easy, not to be hard on myself and to listen to my body. So I changed my mind frame, began listening to my body and doing what felt comfortable for me at that time. I quickly got into the swing of things (my new normal!).

Sean altered my program every couple of weeks depending how far along in my pregnancy I was as different trimesters needed different alterations to my training. Sean was so informative about exercises that were particularly good for pregnancy and always checked in with me about my eating and how I was feeling. I found that when I listened to my body I was more than capable of doing a lot of the same exercises that I did pre-pregnancy.
As well as my PT I kept up classes and found all the trainers were great at altering exercises for my needs. They would always check on me and ask how I was doing during classes. Over the 9 months nothing really changed for me regarding the gym, I still trained 3/4 times a week until the end of my pregnancy. I found training so helpful, I had a lot of strength in my lower back and core, as my belly grew which helped me avoid any back pain. I also found training helped with my sleeping as I slept so well throughout (don’t hate me for that!). I trained up to 38 weeks pregnant, and made a decision with Sean to go for walks and keep up pelvic floor exercises for the last two weeks until the baby was due.

I didn’t fully realise the impact that training had on my body whilst pregnant as my belly was growing by the weeks. But now a few months postpartum I feel my recovery has been amazing because of my training. I have started back at the gym and yes it has been tough getting back into it after a few months off but even after a couple of weeks I feel my strength and fitness is coming back really quickly. Sean and the team at the Edge are great and really informative about training when pregnant as well as post pregnancy training!


At the age of 14 years old I was told I had to have an operation to correct a 60% scoliosis curve in my back, called spinal fusion. Post operation, it had only been corrected to slightly above 80% along with 2 metal rods permanently placed either side of my spine from my neck to the base.
Up until the age of 19 post operation I never did any physical training or resistance training. Prior to starting to train I would consistently have back aches and pain…

I’ve been training at The Edge with Andy for 6 months now and these problems have totally gone- I feel like my back is stronger then ever along with seeing a massive physical difference and being more confident in how I look.
I’m just so delighted with my results and feel like I’m getting stronger and stronger all the time- the guys have been fantastic and I really cannot recommend them enough. It’s not all about six-packs and getting big and so on…

These guys are genuinely fantastic and I cannot thank them enough.


Claire McCoy

mccoy-largeI joined the Xfit course in January 2014 as I’d always wanted to learn more about strength training as well as tone up. With an engagement in February & my wedding in November, I never looked back! Andrew & Eoghan are great motivators for all the group and push you outside your comfort zone while being patient and giving lots of advice on nutrition. There is also a great buzz and fun element in training with others. I lost bodyfat while gaining muscle and feel fit and strong. Thanks to all the team at the Edge and I’ll see you back in 2016!

Claire McCoy

Michael Fitzpatrick

micky-fitzSince I’ve started training with Chris I have noticed a lot of changes in myself. I am much fitter, agile and so much stronger than before I started training with him in The:Edge.

He has helped me achieve all my targets and I have achieved numerous personal bests, he has taught me not to settle for these so we have reassessed my goals and set new targets for 2016.

I definitely recommend Chris to anyone who is looking to change their lifestyle, he’s been a fantastic help to me and he’s a great guy to.

Conor Kelly

IMG_7284-2Thanks Chris for all the work you’ve done for me. I have reached every goal we set out for me, even when I didn’t believe I could achieve it, at the start I never thought i could do chin ups now I’m doing multiple set for reps.

I am consistently improving every week with your help. Since I started training with you I have become much healthier and a lot more confident in myself and my abilities. I have dropped 6kg and 4.5% body fat since the start of the summer.

Thank you so much for all your support and everything you’ve done for me, you are an inspiration to people like me.

Mikey McGiff

edge-clontarf-mikeyI started training with Chris this past summer. The results I have seen are amazing, I am feeling healthier, stronger and fitter than ever before. His attention to detail is second to none, he has pushed me to achieve things I never thought I could do. Training with Chris has made me be one step ahead of everyone else I compete with. I’ve lost over 4% body fat while increasing my muscle mass. Thanks for everything.


Jackie Flatley

testimonialI started training with Chris a year ago after spending about 22 weeks in total out of sports due to 3 separate injuries.  My goal was to become stronger and stay injury free for the full rugby season, but what I got is much more.

Chris is motivating, fun, encouraging and patient all at once and no two PT sessions are the same.   As a complete beginner I was new to everything we did but through Chris’s dedication to keeping me on track with my goals I’m now hooked and look forward to my weekly sessions and what we will do next.

I’d highly recommend training with Chris – he has changed my whole attitude to working out, weights, personal training and food and made me a healthier, fitter, stronger person!


Cliona Brady

clionabradyI started training with Sean and the guys in the edge 13 months ago. I have lost 9kg and gone from 34% body fat to 22%. I have also dropped from a size 14/16 to a size 10.

At the consultation I was nervous, I didn’t really know what to expect as I had never been to a gym like the edge before. Sean was great, we spent about 30 mins chatting about my food and lifestyle.

I returned the next day for my first pt session and they haven’t been able to get rid of me since! It’s great to have my own trainer, he makes sure I’m doing every exercise correctly and is always pushing me. He also gets me to keep a food diary and has talked me through the changes I needed to make as well as recommending supplements. He keeps a good eye on me each week to make sure I stay on track!

I have never been fitter, stronger or had more energy. All the trainers in the edge are so professional and take a genuine interest in my progress. The atmosphere in the gym in great, both trainers and other clients are so friendly and supportive.


I first went to The Edge with the aim of losing a few pounds and improving fitness – having failed miserably going it alone! I didn’t know the first thing about nutrition or fitness ahead of my first session but this was not a problem.

Eoghan is a credit to his profession. His vast knowledge of all things health, strength and nutrition related coupled with his expert guidance and motivation makes success the only option. I’ve lost weight and lost all the bad habits too and I definitely couldn’t have done it without him. He’s always on hand to answer any questions and checks in to ensure things are going as they should be. For me, it’s about more than weightloss, it’s a much welcomed lifestyle change. Thanks Eoghan!

For anyone who wants to lose weight, improve fitness, drop bad habits and actually enjoy the process, I would recommend a visit to the pro’s at The Edge – you won’t find it daunting and more importantly it works.


Niav Halpin

I have been training at The Edge for 6 months now. I was reasonably aerobically fit as I swim a couple of times a week but I wanted to lose bodyfat and gain some strength. After 6 months my body fat has reduced by just over 10%, I have lost c. 4kg and can almost squat my bodyweight.

I am now in the shape of my life – fitter, stronger, healthier, have dropped a dress size and am going a lot faster in the pool. The results have far exceeded my expectations – I had PT sessions twice a week with Eoghan initially for about 4 months and now once a week. Eoghan has challenged me, pushed me and encouraged me all the way and I can honestly say while it has been hard at times I have enjoyed (almost!) every minute.

Based on his advice I have also changed my eating habits which has been instrumental in reducing my body fat. This isn’t like your usual low fat diet, it is a lifestyle and it works. I have learned so much about food from Eoghan and found it all surprisingly easy to do. I love my food and I have really enjoyed this aspect of the training. I always look forward to my weekly PT sessions and now balance them with a Bodyfit class during the week and a gym session at the weekend.

It would be fair to say that I am now well and truly hooked and while at the start I felt that paying for a PT was a bit extravagant I believe it is worth every cent and can’t recommend it enough.
From Niav Halpin


Dee, X-FIT

I absolutely loved the weeks doing X-fit. I can’t believe how good I feel and I learned so much about food.
It was an eye opener. I can’t wait to come back from Vienna and get back into it.
Thanks to you and Andy for being so good at your job!
My goal for the next set of X-fit is 1 chin-up!!


Geoffrey Peat

photo-1(1)Following a long term illness of my Mam and her subsequent passing I was feeling pretty low and lost interest in looking after myself and ended up putting on a fair bit of weight.

However in April 2014 following some encouragement from my wife Avril I decided to phone the Edge for some advice. Andrew answered and after a few minutes conversation a visit to the gym was organised for an assessment. Calling to the gym I was a bit surprised how small it seemed but in talking to Andrew I quickly learned that what they were offering was a very focused, goal oriented fitness regime.

photo-2(1)I also quickly learned you can train as much as you want but if you weren’t matching it with what you eat then you’re not going to get the full benefit and this was well covered in the initial chat we had. I decided then that this was the right place to come to to get me on the road to feeling and looking better so a programme was agreed and off we went. When I started I was 102kg in weight and my initial target was to get to 93kg. It took till July to achieve this and I just decided to keep going so after 10 months I’ve lost 21kgs and 9% in body fat and am still going strong and enjoying every minute of it.

A big thanks has to go to Andrew who I’ve been working with since joining The Edge. His advice, motivation and great programme planning has made the journey all the more enjoyable and more successful with him helping keep me on track whenever I’ve struggled. I suppose what made me realise how important it was to feeling better and fitter was when after a few weeks the kids turned round to me and said it was great to see you smiling again!


Simon Walsh

My name is Simon. I started training in The Edge May of last year. I have been training in a group of two others. I have tried training in regular gyms by my self as well other personal training gyms both of which only lasted short periods of time. I feel that because i Was training in a group it Was much harder to give up as i didn’t want to let the others down! Also i have found that you diet stays stable as you have friends to keep you motivated! So i guess that old saying Is true “there’s strength in Numbers”.



Gary Brady


Anyone interested in getting in shape quickly, safely and have loads of fun along the way should definitely sign up. Since I began Xfit, I have progressed from not being able to do 3 chin ups to weighted chins with 25kgs (something I’ve always wanted to do!!). My fitness, strength and general wellbeing has improved massively. The group training keeps you challenged and adds an element of competition which was key to keeping me personally motivated!

Erin has a wealth of knowledge and the small tweaks he has made to my technique have been invaluable to progression and prevention of injuries.

Can’t recommend this programme enough!

Cian Norton

When I first started in The Edge, I was weighing in at 58kg and 14% body fat with pretty much zero muscle mass. I was one of those guys who found it impossible to put on muscle no matter how much I trained. Now after 10 months of training with Chris, my weight is up to 60kg and I have reduced my body fat to 8%. My strength has sky rocketed aswell- I can now do weighted chins for reps. Chris has literally pushed me past my limits, taking on his advice about exercise and nutrition has made the biggest difference.


Barry Moore

I have found group training very beneficial. When I first started I was looking to gain weight and the people I trained with were looking to lose weight but even though we had different goals we all were looking to put the hard work in together. I don’t think I could achieve my goals without the benefit of training in a group especially when you need a little bit extra motivation.

Ross Cadwell

I wasn’t too sure about training in the group i was in at first as we all had different goals but results keep coming and coming the weights became heavier and the bodyfat fell right off, chris designed programmes we could all do and made necessary individual dietary requirements where necessary. I really have got that extra motivation training in a group that i never had on my own. We as a team have reached new levels of training. It becomes a healthy addiction of constantly wanting to better yourself.

Barry Kerrigan

I have been personal training with Chris in The Edge gym for just over a year and while I have tried other gyms and personal trainers before I have found Chris’s attention to detail and ability to actually listen to my needs , limitations ( injuries etc ) and goals to be over and above the norm.I think the fact that Chris has been at the other end of the spectrum ( 30% body fat ) he understands how hard it is to change but also how rewarding it is when you do start to notice change.He has great knowledge about training and nutrition and is very quick responding to any of my queries.There is also a great atmosphere in the gym which makes it a great place to train

David Wolfson – Student

I have been training at the Edge for nearly 8 months now. When I started training I wanted to add muscle and drop body fat. I also play rugby and GAA and so wanted to increase my strength and fitness to.

I have found the Edge a great help for my training, nutrition and for my sport. The nutrition plan has made a huge difference to my training and strength. I have put on 4kg of muscle dropped my body fat to 7.5%

Catherine Kirwan

I started training at the Edge: Clontarf, and following  advice on nutrition. Within a matter of months, I was down another stone, and back to the size eight I wore in my twenties. The compliments just kept coming. People told me that not only had I slimmed down, I looked toned, and had none of the haggard look that sometimes comes with weight loss. I couldn’t have done it without the Edge: Clontarf