Success Stories

Colm McCabe

“I was 127 Kgs and 29.84% Bodyfat…..I am now 100 kilos and 13.4 % bodyfat” I have always been into sports and the gym. I started with The Edge after a string of nasty injuries. I was 127 Kgs and 29.84% Bodyfat. But though hard work and determination with... Read more

Graeme Smith

“I lost 15kgs and 22% Bodyfat thanks to The Edge”  I lost 15kg of weight and 22% bodyfat after 12 weeks training at The Edge Clontarf. This is entirely down to their amazing trainers and facilities. The amazing support and motivation I received coupled with the incredible nutritional advice... Read more

Conor McCarney – Student

“I dropped from a respectable 12% bodyfat to an astonishing 4%” I started training at the edge this summer, in an attempt to get back in shape after long months of studying for my leaving cert. My goals were simple lose bodyfat and put on lean muscle. I had... Read more

Greg Mekitarian

“Lost 22kgs (3.5 stone) in just 12 weeks!  When I started I could not do 1 press up or 200 meter on the rower, now I do press ups and 1000 meters for warm ups” When I started with The Edge in Clontarf I was a 20 stone couch potato... Read more

Paddy Courtney – Actor

Lost 9Kg & 8% Bodyfat in 8 weeks I had put on some extra padding over the last couple of years, since retiring from stand up comedy. I not only wanted to lose some weight, but I wanted to lower my body fat content. I am a huge fan... Read more

Derek O’Donoghue – Barber

“I have added over 10kgs of muscle and feel my body has completely changed shape” I started training with David at The Edge, approximately 2 years ago with my background mainly being in triathlon and long distance cycling.This year with the guidance of Dave I decided to change my... Read more

Laura Egan – Buddy Training testimonial

“We both started to train with Andrew at the Edge in May of last year in preparation for Niamh’s wedding in August. We have always done some level of training, Niamh ran a marathon and loves her running and we both do some level of cardio training 3-4 times... Read more

Emma Corcoran

“Lost 11kgs & 6% Body Fat in 8 weeks“ The best thing about a session with Andrew is you can walk out knowing your one step closer to achieving your goal” Before I started training in The Edge my fitness levels were at an all time low. I had... Read more

Aisling Jordan – Aircraft Engineer – Ryanair

“Leaner, fitter, faster & stronger…my goals I dreamed about before are no longer dreams, they are now achievable. As a sports fanatic growing up, I’ve spent most of my life playing some sort of sport whether it being Soccer, Camogie, Running or Skydiving. Camogie was the one I focused... Read more

Jackie Flatley

I started training with Chris a year ago after spending about 22 weeks in total out of sports due to 3 separate injuries.  My goal was to become stronger and stay injury free for the full rugby season, but what I got is much more. Chris is motivating, fun,... Read more

Cliona Brady

I started training with Sean and the guys in the edge 13 months ago. I have lost 9kg and gone from 34% body fat to 22%. I have also dropped from a size 14/16 to a size 10. At the consultation I was nervous, I didn’t really know what... Read more


I first went to The Edge with the aim of losing a few pounds and improving fitness – having failed miserably going it alone! I didn’t know the first thing about nutrition or fitness ahead of my first session but this was not a problem. Eoghan is a credit... Read more

Dee, X-FIT

I absolutely loved the weeks doing X-fit. I can’t believe how good I feel and I learned so much about food. It was an eye opener. I can’t wait to come back from Vienna and get back into it. Thanks to you and Andy for being so good at... Read more

Simon Walsh

My name is Simon. I started training in The Edge May of last year. I have been training in a group of two others. I have tried training in regular gyms by my self as well other personal training gyms both of which only lasted short periods of time.... Read more

Laura Fontana

Johnny Morrisey

Jennifer Brant

Gary Brady

Anyone interested in getting in shape quickly, safely and have loads of fun along the way should definitely sign up. Since I began Xfit, I have progressed from not being able to do 3 chin ups to weighted chins with 25kgs (something I’ve always wanted to do!!). My fitness,... Read more

Conor McCarthy

Cian Norton

When I first started in The Edge, I was weighing in at 58kg and 14% body fat with pretty much zero muscle mass. I was one of those guys who found it impossible to put on muscle no matter how much I trained. Now after 10 months of training... Read more

Lloyd Healy

Lloyd lost over 2 stone and over 12% Body Fat in a tiny 7 weeks! Read more

Ian Jordan

Ian lost an impressive 20kg and over 10% Body Fat! Read more

Eanna Ryan

Eanna started off at 110kg and over 20% Body Fat and went down to an incredible 93kg at 12% Body Fat. Read more

Barry Moore

I have found group training very beneficial. When I first started I was looking to gain weight and the people I trained with were looking to lose weight but even though we had different goals we all were looking to put the hard work in together. I don’t think... Read more

Ross Cadwell

I wasn’t too sure about training in the group i was in at first as we all had different goals but results keep coming and coming the weights became heavier and the bodyfat fell right off, chris designed programmes we could all do and made necessary individual dietary requirements... Read more

Barry Kerrigan

I have been personal training with Chris in The Edge gym for just over a year and while I have tried other gyms and personal trainers before I have found Chris’s attention to detail and ability to actually listen to my needs , limitations ( injuries etc ) and... Read more

David Wolfson – Student

I have been training at the Edge for nearly 8 months now. When I started training I wanted to add muscle and drop body fat. I also play rugby and GAA and so wanted to increase my strength and fitness to. I have found the Edge a great help... Read more

Catherine Kirwan

I started training at the Edge: Clontarf, and following  advice on nutrition. Within a matter of months, I was down another stone, and back to the size eight I wore in my twenties. The compliments just kept coming. People told me that not only had I slimmed down, I... Read more

Ben Gorman – Director

Although I have trained in Gyms for years. It is only since I have been  training with at the Edge that I have found I have got the results I wanted. The Edge is very positive encouraging environment.  It has a very straight forward and pragmatic approach to both... Read more

Paul Hession – Hessions Hairdressing

The last eight months have been a mind, body , sole and life changing experience for me . It has been the best thing I have ever done for myself , I have changed as a person  thanks to the Edge Clontarf . Its been so worth it PAIN... Read more