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Muscle burns fat- even at rest!

Muscle burns fat while you’re doing absolutely nothing…

Think about that for a second…

If you want really to lose body fat quickly, by all means focus on a fat burning program.
If you want to set your body up to have a higher resting metabolism and burn passively on a regular basis however, condition your body for strength training, and exercise regularly.

The Edge:Clontarf programs are are a combination of strength training and bodyweight exercisesm some of which you can do anywhere  you want to, without the need for equipment.

There are many ways to build muscle without weights, but at some point, if you really want to focus on building leaner muscle tissue for a more toned look, you will need to add extra resistance or get creative at home!

Our personal trainers can guide you on this journey to ensure what you do outside the gym in terms of physical exercise and nutrition compliments your time with them to help you reach your own personal goals!

pink grapefruit

Client Testimonial- Personal Training at The Edge Clontarf- Emer Tansey

“I Initially started training with Andrew in December of last year, with a history of long distance running and swimming, I was never into weight or resistance training, I started with the goal of becoming healthier due to the fact I had an appalling Diet and was out of training about 6-8 months.
before and after photos
Since I started in the Edge I have completely cut out most bad carbs and sugary foods and I have 3 meals per day with 2 Snacks, which is something I hadn’t done previously. In fact, I’m eating more than ever!
I drink 3 litres of water and constantly drink Green tea- my energy levels are through the Roof now as a result too!
I now train 4 times per week
-2 Strength/Weight training sessions
-1 Fitcamp/Trx Class
-And 1 Interval Sprint session on my own.
I am currently 11.5 % bodyfat down from 18% and couldn’t be happier.”
Emer Tansey- August  2014
x fit classes

New X-FIT Course starting in September

New X-FIT course starts 9th September for anyone looking to drop body fat, tone up and have a laugh! This is a 10 week program for people who are looking for real results!








Read more here: https://www.theedgeclontarf.com/x-fit/  

To register, email info@theedgegym.ie or call us now on 853 4091 as places are limited!

Our Trainers Diet and Fitness Training Plan- Chris


Sample Daily Diet for Chris

Breakfast: 4 egg omelette w/ Smoked Salmon and Avocado
Bowl of Organic Porridge w/Blueberries

Chicken / Homemade Burgers / Tuna
One of the above with some sort of veg or salad (brocolli, spinach, green beans, asparagus etc)

Dinner Options:
Steak / Chicken / Turkey / Fish (Salmon, Sea bass, Cod, Haddock, Sole, Plaice)
Again have one of these with Veg or Salad (Brocolli, Parsnip, Carrots, Green Beans etc + Sweet Potato / Brown Rice Post Workout)

Snack options:
Rice Cakes w/ almond butter
Pack of whole organic almonds
Total Greek Yoghurt mixed with a scoop of Whey
Protein Bar
Soup (Veg, Tomato, Mushroom etc)
Protein Shake (post workout), Casien Shake (if hungry and its too late to eat i.e. after 10 pm)

Fluid intake:
Green Tea (all throughout the day)
BCAA (pre / intra workout)
Water 3L Minimum

Meal Outline:

Post Breakfast:
1 Super Multivitamin
1 Probiotic
2 Fish Oils
1 B-Active

Post Lunch:
2 Fish Oils
1 Probiotic

Post Dinner / Pre Bed:
2 Fish Oils
3 Magnesium Relax
1 Zinc
1 Probiotic

Current Training / Focus:
German Body Composition Programs – To get as lean as possible

Lifestyle Main Points:
Diet is Immaculate Sunday – Friday
Cheat Meal – Saturday
Very rarely drink (messes up your hormonal profile)
“Eat for long term goals not short term satisfaction”

Our Trainers Diet and Fitness Training Plan- Michelle


Sample Daily Eating plan for Michelle:

On Rising: Pink grapefruit, hot water and fresh lemon juice, fish oil supplement.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, ½ avocado with 2 rice cakes.

Crossfit training Post workout: Whey protein shake made with Keifer milk, a banana and 2 tbsp. honey.

Lunch: Chicken/turkey and vegetables stirfried in coconut oil with white rice.

Dinner: Spinach salad with poached salmon darne, sauerkraut, fresh beetroot, and hummus with apple cider vinegar and olive oil dressing.

Before bed: Organic oats with ground chia seeds, desiccated coconut and almond butter.

Fluid intake

My water intake is approximately 2.5 litres on training days, with 2 cups of white/green tea in addition. I also drink 3-4 cups of coffee per day made with KoKo coconut milk (Even PTs have their vices!!). Once I feel like caffeine isn’t affecting my sleep, and my energy levels aren’t becoming dependent on it, I’m happy. If I feel like it is, I will cut down to 2 cups per day.


I take fish oils first thing in the morning, with a B-complex which has added iron in it. I take chlorella and cilantro 3 times throughout the day – I recently had my mercury amalgam fillings removed so I am currently on a heavy metal detox protocol. I take Vitamin D3 on days when I haven’t had any sun exposure. I also take magnesium 1 hour before bed to help me unwind.


I am currently doing Crossfit in a competitive setting, with my first competition coming up in 3 weeks time. Crossfit is a combination of Olympic weightlifting, strength training, gymnastic and endurance training. Since this training is massively demanding, my calories and carbohydrate intake are very high for a girl. For the last few months, my priority is to perform to my maximum capacity and fully recover from each training session. My main training goal is no longer to be lean and have a low percentage body fat, and I am simply trying to maintain my weight at 68kg and 14% body fat while getting as strong and fit as possible for my upcoming competition. I am training approx. 7 days per week with 2 rest days. A typical week consists of 3 Olympic lifting sessions, 3 Crossfit session and 1 mobility/pre-/re-habilitation sessions to ensure I stay flexible, supple and injury free.

Our Trainers Diet and Fitness Training Plan- Andy

We’ve had loads of recent emails about what our staff are eating and why they train they way they do.

We want to practise what we preach so each week we will be doing a little Nutrition and Exercise snapshot of what a typical day looks like for them.

We are starting off with Andy:

andrew brand the edge clontarf

Sample Daily Eating for Andy

5.15am: Two small spoons of almond butter
8am-9am: 4-5 eggs with spinach, tomato and peppers
1pm ish: Chilli con carne or 2 chicken breasts in pesto with 2 different servings of vegetables.
Pm: Post-workout large bowl of organic porridge oats made with water with 2 scoops of whey protein
Dinner 9pm: Turkey or fish based meal with small amount of veg

Fluid Intake

I try to drink between 3-4 litres of water and 4-6 green or peppermint teas throughout the day to stay hydrated!


Supplement wise, I take fish oil at each meal along with a daily supplement of vitamin D and B-active.

I am currently focusing on a Strength phase at the moment, training my legs 3 days per week ( heavy weights- front and back squatting).