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Training with an injury

Training with an Injury

Being injured is a frustrating situation to be in, whether you’re an athlete, recreational gym goer or just someone that enjoys a small bit of exercise occasionally. It’s frustrating, time consuming and a literal pain to deal with.  Unfortunately, your ability does not mean you are immune to getting injured. While the temptation to refrain from any physical activity while you ‘recover’ might be rife, our Trainer Eoghan is here to help when training with an injury. 

It is inevitable that we pick up little knocks and niggles as we get older or try to push ourselves too hard, but understanding the appropriate way to managing our symptoms is vital for returning back to whatever activity we participate in and enjoy. 

At some point we encounter the dilemma of whether to continue training with an injury or not. Below are some tips on how I handle training with an injury (with clients) personally and advice I give to clients that have had a set back with an injury.

2. Work within your tolerance

If you want to keep exercising, then do it. Just understand that you will have to take a step back. Lighten the load, swap out an exercise, or work the non-injured side. There are plenty of exercises that can help with your injury, talk to one of our trainers about any concerns you have and we can always adjust an exercise to work within your tolerance and help get you back to the level you want to be.

2. Celebrate the small wins

You want to always remain positive. Injuries are something we all deal with eventually, but just because we aren’t at our full fitness, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the smaller wins. It’s so important to celebrate each milestone we make on the road to recovery and remind yourself that great achievements are the accumulation of many small steps. So, grab those lighter dumbbells and take each day as it comes.

3. Trust the process

Returning to exercise after an injury can take time and there will be set backs along the way. However, your body is so resilient and is designed to heal itself. Certain injuries need certain exercises that will help with the rehabilitation process so talking to a professional with knowledge in injury prevention and rehab is very important.

If you’re turning up to one of your gym session and have concerns about an injury, talk to one of our trainers. We are always willing to help and will guide you along the way step-by-step. Stick with the plan and you’ll be back to full health and fitness before you know it!

Personal Training Internship at The Edge: Clontarf

Are you recently qualified and looking to build on your newly learned skills?

Are you looking to work with industry experts and learn first-hand how to deal with clients, draft and monitor programs, assess client needs, draft goals, nutrition plans, objectives and more?

We are kick-starting a new 8-week Personal Training Internship to help develop newly qualified trainers to be the best they can be!

The unique opportunity is the ideal CV builder and allows you to develop the necessary skills to sky-rocket your career as a Personal Trainer.

To apply, simply send in your CV to info@theedgegym.ie marked in the subject line as: PERSONAL TRAINING INTERNSHIP.

Tell us a little about yourself, why you wanted to be a Personal trainer (note you must have a qualification!) and what drives your passion for the industry and indeed this kind of opportunity.

We will be offering a full-time position as a Personal Trainer to those who commit, succeed and show the drive, aptitude and passion for the role who we feel has a very strong career ahead of them as part of our little team.

Let the games begin! 🙂


New HIIT Class at The Edge: Clontarf

We are delighted to announce our new HIIT training class starting 2 October 2016. The class will take place on Wednesdays at 8pm and Saturday’s at 10am.

This will be a high paced interval type class, designed to keep your metabolism and heart rate elevated for longer, turning you into a fat-burning machine!
Each class participant will be recording reps and sets completed so we can monitor constant progression. This class is the first of its kind; if you put the work in you can expect to see impressive results in next to no time!
For further information on this class, mail info@theedgegym.ie or call 018534091.

X-FIT Elite Group Personal Training – next intake now open!

The first X-FIT of 2015 is coming to a close. We have seen some great results over the weeks and on the back of demand we are announcing we will run our 2nd XFIT starting on March 24th!

X-FIT is a 10 week personal group training programme which includes:
  1. 20 sessions structured and monitored by our trainers
  2. Free access to the gym at the weekends and programmes to do assigned workouts
  3. Free log book to track progress
  4. Testing and re-testing to mark progress
****For these 10 weeks it is a cost of just €300- you can read more about the X-FIT program itself here!****
women strength training
How do I sign up?
We have had great demand for places already for our next X-FIT so we will be taking deposits from now to guarantee your place on the program!
See how far you can take yourself in 10 weeks – get beach ready, body confident and ready to smash your personal goals! We are with you every step of the way. Call us now on 8534091 to speak to one of our personal trainers or email info@theedgegym.ie.
fruit porridge

Our Trainers Diet and Fitness Training Plan- Sean

Sample Daily Diet for Sean

sean reid

Breakfast: 4 eggs Omelette (with peppers) & 1/2 an Avocado
Porridge with Fruit with Honey

Snack: Turkey Slice with Almond butter

Lunch: Beef Strip Salad(Olive oil dressing)

Post workout: Whey Protein with Glutamine

Dinner: 6-8 oz Steak Green Veg and Sweet Potato,1/2 Avocado


Fish Oil 3 caps with each main meal
Probiotics after breakfast in the morning
Amino Acids pre-workout


Fluid Intake

3.5 litres a day plus


Macro Nutrients are currently broken down into
240 grams of Protein
Fats 90 grams
100 grams of carbs from porridge, rice or sweet potato with as much veg and salad as I want


Extras for recovery and general well-being

  • I take Flaxseed before breakfast in a glass of water every day (soup spoon full)
  • Epsom Salts bath on Legs day once a week
I also use a Far Infra-Red sauna one to two times a week


Current Training Programme

I work with a 6, 12, 25 style programme for fat Loss and hypertrophy.  I tore ligaments in my knee in April so I’m finding it difficult to do a good leg session, therefore all programmes have been modified to suit my recovery and needs.
Legs, Chest and Back and Arms are the split days. 
Intervals are currently done twice a week

Rower 30/15 by 20 reps

Stepper 30/45 10 reps

Finish with Abs circuit


Our Trainers Diet and Fitness Training Plan- Chris


Sample Daily Diet for Chris

Breakfast: 4 egg omelette w/ Smoked Salmon and Avocado
Bowl of Organic Porridge w/Blueberries

Chicken / Homemade Burgers / Tuna
One of the above with some sort of veg or salad (brocolli, spinach, green beans, asparagus etc)

Dinner Options:
Steak / Chicken / Turkey / Fish (Salmon, Sea bass, Cod, Haddock, Sole, Plaice)
Again have one of these with Veg or Salad (Brocolli, Parsnip, Carrots, Green Beans etc + Sweet Potato / Brown Rice Post Workout)

Snack options:
Rice Cakes w/ almond butter
Pack of whole organic almonds
Total Greek Yoghurt mixed with a scoop of Whey
Protein Bar
Soup (Veg, Tomato, Mushroom etc)
Protein Shake (post workout), Casien Shake (if hungry and its too late to eat i.e. after 10 pm)

Fluid intake:
Green Tea (all throughout the day)
BCAA (pre / intra workout)
Water 3L Minimum

Meal Outline:

Post Breakfast:
1 Super Multivitamin
1 Probiotic
2 Fish Oils
1 B-Active

Post Lunch:
2 Fish Oils
1 Probiotic

Post Dinner / Pre Bed:
2 Fish Oils
3 Magnesium Relax
1 Zinc
1 Probiotic

Current Training / Focus:
German Body Composition Programs – To get as lean as possible

Lifestyle Main Points:
Diet is Immaculate Sunday – Friday
Cheat Meal – Saturday
Very rarely drink (messes up your hormonal profile)
“Eat for long term goals not short term satisfaction”

chris before and after

Before and After- Chris Cadwell- Our Trainer’s Transformation

Q & A with our Trainer Chris

1 – So you weighed 165kg with a 30% + bodyfat % and now you are 100kg approx and 8% … what is the secret to your drastic transformation?
Theres no real secret per say, it’s just Will Power to be honest. You have to want to make a change… then once you’ve decided on making that change you need to write it down and then write/plan out exactly what you have to do to achieve your goal. Then, once you’ve achieved that goal you need to reassess everything and repeat the process over again… “keep moving the goal posts”.

2 – What was the final turning point that made you want to lose weight?
Well I’ve always been big… but thought that I carried it well enough considering how heavy I was. I went to America after my 21st and was doing the usual site-seeing and clothes shopping when I tried on a shirt and realised I had to get an American XXXL …. this is when I knew something had to change. So when I got home from holidays I  knew a few guys training with James in The Edge so got in touch with him and went for a consultation, the rest is history,  as they say.

3 – Once you started in The Edge, how did you find the first few weeks with all the different nutritional changes?
James started me on the Pillars to Success food plan and I stuck to this pretty well for the whole 4 weeks … It was a complete shock to the system as my nutrition previously had been absolutely shocking ( Sweets, Crisps, Bread Rolls, Take-Aways, Ice Cream etc…). At the end of the 4 weeks though I think I had lost nearly 20kg already… so I was delighted, but still had a long way to go.

4 – Did you go cold turkey? Or ween yourself off your past nutritional habits?
I’ll be honest and after the initial 4 weeks I did slip back into some old habits… So what I had to do was eliminate one bad habit at a time… So with the help of James and the guys at the edge I eliminated sugar (sweets & fizzy drinks), my weight came down another bit then when it plateaued again, we’d eliminate something else… and then kept repeating this process to the point where I will only indulge every now and again with a “cheat meal”.

5 – Initially how did you find training in The Edge?
When I first met James i didn’t think I would be able to do the training but he reassured me that I’d be well able for it… I did a few sessions initially on own to get myself up to speed then I started buddying up with a few of the other guys I knew that trained with James also, even though they where more advanced than I was I really felt that training with a buddy or in a group class really helps motivate you as push each other along. Then, after a while I found I  had caught up with the lads and instead of only lasting 40mins of the session I was finishing out the full hour.

6 – Did you start to see results immediately or did it take time?
The weight started to fly off me initially then it would slow down so James would make me keep a food diary and the reassess my nutrition. There were points where I felt stuck… so  I started taking progress pictures at the end of each month as what I found is when you see yourself everyday you don’t notice a change but the pictures would show you the difference.

7 – How were your energy levels?
My energy levels where always low and I was tired all the time… James explained that this was down to my lack of nutrients from a horrible diet… So once I started on the pillars and added Infinity Fuel into my nutrition I had copius amounts of energy all of a sudden, which really assisted me in my gym sessions, with rugby and my concentration levels in college.


8 – Did you hit many sticking points?
It wasn’t all plain sailing- there where 3 or 4 occasions where I felt I was doing as much as  I could but just couldn’t shift anymore weight/bodyfat …. But I just realised that this meant I had to get stricter on my nutrition, make sure I was getting enough sleep and training smarter rather than harder… These little things made a huge difference especially the training. Training at a higher intensity less frequently was much more beneficial than trying to do something everyday while I was fatigued.

9 – Once you lost the intial weight how did you find your progress in the gym? Until now?
Well once i hit my initial target I was ready to relax but then James and the lads in The Edge convinced me to kick on and set a new target… My training went from strength to strength… we progressed from the fat burning circuits into more muscle building programs then again onto strength programs. I also added in the strongman class at the weekend as a bonus session which I found to be the ultimate fat burner. I then found myself setting weight goals (squat, bench etc..) and then upon achieving these finding that i always wanted to do more… Still to this day I’m always trying to push it on a little bit more.


10 – Finally – Have you any advice for anybody that may be hesitant in making the first move towards training?
The only advice I can give is that you won’t regret taking that first step… it’s the hardest part – admitting that you need help. I definitely wouldn’t have made it through the journey on my own… Without the help of everyone in The Edge as well as continuous support from friends and family. It was the best money I ever spent… you need to invest in yourself!

If you are interested in coming in for a FREE PERSONAL TRAINING CONSULTATION to chat about your personal goals and how we can help get you there, call us now on 8534091 or email info@theedgegym.ie

What should you be doing to optimise your results this summer?

We are asked this all of the time to be honest. What helps speed up my metabolism, what exactly is eating clean, what supplements are good to take to optimise my results- the questions are endless but we are keen to recommend what direction you should be taking for your personal goals!

eating clean

Eating Clean

This means cutting out the crap- the processed food, carbs, sugar and anything with an advert basically- alcohol, smoking and junk food are a no go! Check out our Pillars plan for some healthy ideas to keep you on track!



Upping your game at the gym will maximise your results this summer. Invest in some good quality gym gear to look and feel confident- it’s amazing how the little things make you train harder and feel happier going to the gym!

Tip: Feeling tired before the gym? Hop into the shower for a two minute blast, followed by a quick burst of cold water and you’ll be ready to go!



You can see our own range of supplements in stock to aid your fat loss and lean muscle gain. Our products are designed to ensure you are feeling and looking your best- boosting energy naturally and providing you with the essential nutrients your body needs on a daily basis. Speak to your trainer if you have any special dietary requirements or have very specific goals for your results.


 Personal Training, Motivation and Support

Every person at The Edge: Clontarf has different personal goals. We work with each individual to ensure they reach their objectives for both physical and mental goals.

If you like what you are reading or hearing about us, and are keen to start a new program or a new path to a healthier way of living, give us a call now on 853 4091 or email info@theedgegym.ie




Your body’s insurance policy- Super Multi-Vitamin

Besides eating clean and exercising smartly, in the health and fitness industry, the multi-vitamin and a good 8 hours sleep are your body’s Premium Health Insurance Policy.


We know that it is near impossible to extract all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins from your daily intake of food. By supplementing your diet with a good multi-vitamin, you are ensuring that you have all of the necessary building blocks for your optimal health and wellness.

Taking a multi-vitamin has the following benefits, amongst others:

More energy

Improved digestion

Strengthened immunity against colds, flus and viruses

Increased libido (sex drive)

Sharpened concentration

If you are interested in speaking to one of our team members about how you can improve your overall health, energy and well-being, give us a call on 01 853 4091 or email info@theedgegym.ie




santa claus

Happy Fitmas and How to Eat Clean over the Christmas Holidays

Just a quick post to remind you as to what kind of hours we are open so you can stay healthy over the holidays:

Dec 24th- Christmas Eve- Open for group classes only – Just a few places remaining!

Dec 25th- Christmas Day- CLOSED

Dec 26th- Stephen’s Day – CLOSED

Dec 31st- New Year’s Eve- Open as normal

Jan 1st- New Year’s Day- Open as normal

santa claus


Some clean-eating tips for the Christmas Holidays

If, like us, you love your food, don’t avoid everything you love or you will spend your quality time off feeling very sorry for yourself.

We do, however, ask you to watch your portion size, maybe not for your Christmas Day lunch but here are some hand tips to help you choose the healthier option!

1. Swap your regular potato for sweet potato and your turnip for butternut squash mashed with sauteed red onion, a little real butter and some  salt and pepper- delicious!

2. Try frying your Brussel Sprouts in coconut oil with some  lean turkey bacon- savage with some poached eggs for breakfast!

3. Try having your turkey without the skin and opt for homemade cranberry sauce instead of pre-mixed gravy or better still, use the juices from your lean meats.

4. If you have a sweet tooth, keep a stock of 85% dark chocolate at hand. This is also delicious as an alternative and healthier hot chocolate! Mix one cup of heated almond milk with three squares of 85% Green & Black’s chocolate and add some mint oil for flavour if you like too. Finish off with a little blob of cream, as it is Christmas after all…


When the gym is closed, here’s a little Body Composition routine you can try at home over Christmas, to help ease the post-lunch guilt:


How to do the perfect Burpee

how to do burpees


The perfect Squat Technique

how to do squats

– 20 Crunches

– 10 Burpees

– 20 Body weight squats

– 20 Leg raises

* Repeat this sequence four times and finish your whole exercise routine with a 1 minute plank and 50 jumping jacks to get your heart racing!

Cool down with a gentle jog to get your heart rate back down again 🙂

We are fully stocked for all of our supplements, but we do recommend that you grab your Infinity Fuel, Probiotics and Fish oils while you can and as soon as possible as these do tend to sell out quickly for the January gym-goers looking to detox!

Should you need anything over the holidays, drop us a line here

From all of the team at The Edge: Clontarf, have a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year for 2014!



Orla Mc Donagh

Personal Training Success Story- Client Testimonial

Orla Mc Donagh

I have been training with The Edge since March of this year and am feeling fitter, healthier and stronger than I could ever have imagined. I had tried Ballet, Kettlebell, Circuit training, Aerobics, Bodypump- you name it, I’ve tried it…but since I started with the personal training with The Edge, my whole body shape has transformed.

I feel lighter, more toned and my lifestyle and habits have all improved. I don’t crave sugar and have a healthier relationship with what I eat and how and when I chose to eat. I carry a bag full of healthy snacks and have become really interested in cooking fresh new recipes and planning my healthy shopping for the week ahead.

I can see a huge improvement in my overall energy and well being. I have more get-up-and-go and have no difficulty bouncing out of bed at 6am every morning now!

I really enjoy each session with Ray- I have also trained with James and Steve in the past– and he knows when to push me, when to encourage me and when to have the chats- He is serious about seeing progress and chats with my regularly about my own goals and what I want to achieve from my sessions with him. He keeps tabs on my eating and explains why certain foods are better than other, and what to use as a healthier substitute-

In a nutshell, I am delighted with my choice to train with the guys from The Edge. Call them today- you won’t be disappointed- Grab a buddy and get moving-

Don’t wait for your New Year’s Resolution- Do it NOW.

Orla  🙂