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Our Trainers Diet and Fitness Training Plan- Chris


Sample Daily Diet for Chris

Breakfast: 4 egg omelette w/ Smoked Salmon and Avocado
Bowl of Organic Porridge w/Blueberries

Chicken / Homemade Burgers / Tuna
One of the above with some sort of veg or salad (brocolli, spinach, green beans, asparagus etc)

Dinner Options:
Steak / Chicken / Turkey / Fish (Salmon, Sea bass, Cod, Haddock, Sole, Plaice)
Again have one of these with Veg or Salad (Brocolli, Parsnip, Carrots, Green Beans etc + Sweet Potato / Brown Rice Post Workout)

Snack options:
Rice Cakes w/ almond butter
Pack of whole organic almonds
Total Greek Yoghurt mixed with a scoop of Whey
Protein Bar
Soup (Veg, Tomato, Mushroom etc)
Protein Shake (post workout), Casien Shake (if hungry and its too late to eat i.e. after 10 pm)

Fluid intake:
Green Tea (all throughout the day)
BCAA (pre / intra workout)
Water 3L Minimum

Meal Outline:

Post Breakfast:
1 Super Multivitamin
1 Probiotic
2 Fish Oils
1 B-Active

Post Lunch:
2 Fish Oils
1 Probiotic

Post Dinner / Pre Bed:
2 Fish Oils
3 Magnesium Relax
1 Zinc
1 Probiotic

Current Training / Focus:
German Body Composition Programs – To get as lean as possible

Lifestyle Main Points:
Diet is Immaculate Sunday – Friday
Cheat Meal – Saturday
Very rarely drink (messes up your hormonal profile)
“Eat for long term goals not short term satisfaction”