Client Testimonial- Personal Training at The Edge Clontarf

“I first joined the edge because I wanted to feel better about my body. I was always doing tons of cardio trying to lose weight but once I joined the edge and started lifting weights, THAT’S when I began to see my body change.
 I started the evening X-FIT... Read more

Client Testimonial- Personal Training at The Edge Clontarf- Emer Tansey

pink grapefruit
“I Initially started training with Andrew in December of last year, with a history of long distance running and swimming, I was never into weight or resistance training, I started with the goal of becoming healthier due to the fact I had an appalling Diet and was out of... Read more

Before and After- Chris Cadwell- Our Trainer’s Transformation

chris before and after
Q & A with our Trainer Chris 1 – So you weighed 165kg with a 30% + bodyfat % and now you are 100kg approx and 8% … what is the secret to your drastic transformation? Theres no real secret per say, it’s just Will Power to be honest.... Read more

Personal Training for a more Personal approach

There’s a reason why most celebrities opt for personal trainers when they are making a change to improve their fitness, health and appearance.   Working with a personal trainer is the quickest, easiest and most successful to reach your health and fitness goals and has proved so effective that... Read more

Personal Training Success Story- Client Testimonial

Orla Mc Donagh
I have been training with The Edge since March of this year and am feeling fitter, healthier and stronger than I could ever have imagined. I had tried Ballet, Kettlebell, Circuit training, Aerobics, Bodypump- you name it, I’ve tried it…but since I started with the personal training with The... Read more