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Client Testimonial- Personal Training at The Edge Clontarf- Emer Tansey

“I Initially started training with Andrew in December of last year, with a history of long distance running and swimming, I was never into weight or resistance training, I started with the goal of becoming healthier due to the fact I had an appalling Diet and was out of training about 6-8 months.
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Since I started in the Edge I have completely cut out most bad carbs and sugary foods and I have 3 meals per day with 2 Snacks, which is something I hadn’t done previously. In fact, I’m eating more than ever!
I drink 3 litres of water and constantly drink Green tea- my energy levels are through the Roof now as a result too!
I now train 4 times per week
-2 Strength/Weight training sessions
-1 Fitcamp/Trx Class
-And 1 Interval Sprint session on my own.
I am currently 11.5 % bodyfat down from 18% and couldn’t be happier.”
Emer Tansey- August  2014