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chris before and after

Before and After- Chris Cadwell- Our Trainer’s Transformation

Q & A with our Trainer Chris

1 – So you weighed 165kg with a 30% + bodyfat % and now you are 100kg approx and 8% … what is the secret to your drastic transformation?
Theres no real secret per say, it’s just Will Power to be honest. You have to want to make a change… then once you’ve decided on making that change you need to write it down and then write/plan out exactly what you have to do to achieve your goal. Then, once you’ve achieved that goal you need to reassess everything and repeat the process over again… “keep moving the goal posts”.

2 – What was the final turning point that made you want to lose weight?
Well I’ve always been big… but thought that I carried it well enough considering how heavy I was. I went to America after my 21st and was doing the usual site-seeing and clothes shopping when I tried on a shirt and realised I had to get an American XXXL …. this is when I knew something had to change. So when I got home from holidays I  knew a few guys training with James in The Edge so got in touch with him and went for a consultation, the rest is history,  as they say.

3 – Once you started in The Edge, how did you find the first few weeks with all the different nutritional changes?
James started me on the Pillars to Success food plan and I stuck to this pretty well for the whole 4 weeks … It was a complete shock to the system as my nutrition previously had been absolutely shocking ( Sweets, Crisps, Bread Rolls, Take-Aways, Ice Cream etc…). At the end of the 4 weeks though I think I had lost nearly 20kg already… so I was delighted, but still had a long way to go.

4 – Did you go cold turkey? Or ween yourself off your past nutritional habits?
I’ll be honest and after the initial 4 weeks I did slip back into some old habits… So what I had to do was eliminate one bad habit at a time… So with the help of James and the guys at the edge I eliminated sugar (sweets & fizzy drinks), my weight came down another bit then when it plateaued again, we’d eliminate something else… and then kept repeating this process to the point where I will only indulge every now and again with a “cheat meal”.

5 – Initially how did you find training in The Edge?
When I first met James i didn’t think I would be able to do the training but he reassured me that I’d be well able for it… I did a few sessions initially on own to get myself up to speed then I started buddying up with a few of the other guys I knew that trained with James also, even though they where more advanced than I was I really felt that training with a buddy or in a group class really helps motivate you as push each other along. Then, after a while I found I  had caught up with the lads and instead of only lasting 40mins of the session I was finishing out the full hour.

6 – Did you start to see results immediately or did it take time?
The weight started to fly off me initially then it would slow down so James would make me keep a food diary and the reassess my nutrition. There were points where I felt stuck… so  I started taking progress pictures at the end of each month as what I found is when you see yourself everyday you don’t notice a change but the pictures would show you the difference.

7 – How were your energy levels?
My energy levels where always low and I was tired all the time… James explained that this was down to my lack of nutrients from a horrible diet… So once I started on the pillars and added Infinity Fuel into my nutrition I had copius amounts of energy all of a sudden, which really assisted me in my gym sessions, with rugby and my concentration levels in college.


8 – Did you hit many sticking points?
It wasn’t all plain sailing- there where 3 or 4 occasions where I felt I was doing as much as  I could but just couldn’t shift anymore weight/bodyfat …. But I just realised that this meant I had to get stricter on my nutrition, make sure I was getting enough sleep and training smarter rather than harder… These little things made a huge difference especially the training. Training at a higher intensity less frequently was much more beneficial than trying to do something everyday while I was fatigued.

9 – Once you lost the intial weight how did you find your progress in the gym? Until now?
Well once i hit my initial target I was ready to relax but then James and the lads in The Edge convinced me to kick on and set a new target… My training went from strength to strength… we progressed from the fat burning circuits into more muscle building programs then again onto strength programs. I also added in the strongman class at the weekend as a bonus session which I found to be the ultimate fat burner. I then found myself setting weight goals (squat, bench etc..) and then upon achieving these finding that i always wanted to do more… Still to this day I’m always trying to push it on a little bit more.


10 – Finally – Have you any advice for anybody that may be hesitant in making the first move towards training?
The only advice I can give is that you won’t regret taking that first step… it’s the hardest part – admitting that you need help. I definitely wouldn’t have made it through the journey on my own… Without the help of everyone in The Edge as well as continuous support from friends and family. It was the best money I ever spent… you need to invest in yourself!

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