Why you need to be taking a multi-vitamin each day

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients your body needs in small amounts to work properly. MOST people should get all the nutrients they need by eating a varied and balanced diet. However, in our daily diets nowadays, we are more stressed, we sleep less, we worry more, we eat... Read more

Mini to Maxi- How to Build Muscle Mass

Most young men find it quite easy to build lean muscle but as they get older, the mid-rif starts to spread or they lose their muscle tissue, holding on to size can actually become quite an issue, especially for those with a slighter frame. Here are a few of... Read more

Clean Eating Shopping List

So, last week we had a super post about Clean Eating Recipes, so this week’s post is to help you plan ahead for your weekly shop- yep you guessed it, the Edge team are here to help you with your shopping list: Clean Shopping List Still Water Green Tea... Read more

5 Clean Recipes for the Week

Spicy Spanish Chicken Chop two chicken breasts into cubes Fry in a little coconut oil until white Add chopped red onion, a chopped chilli and garlic to the chicken and cook until the onions have softened Add some chopped tomatoes and a few tablespoons of passata Add a sieved... Read more

DOMS- The Unavoidable Evil of Weight Training

Having difficulty walking down or up the stairs? Can’t quite sit on the toilet? Finding walking a strain?   You may very well be suffering from self-induced DOMS- that being ‘delayed onset muscle soreness’, which can last anything from 2-5 days after a heavy exercise session. What are DOMS?... Read more

Client Testimonial- Personal Training at The Edge Clontarf

“I first joined the edge because I wanted to feel better about my body. I was always doing tons of cardio trying to lose weight but once I joined the edge and started lifting weights, THAT’S when I began to see my body change.
 I started the evening X-FIT... Read more

Client Testimonial- Personal Training at The Edge Clontarf- Emer Tansey

pink grapefruit
“I Initially started training with Andrew in December of last year, with a history of long distance running and swimming, I was never into weight or resistance training, I started with the goal of becoming healthier due to the fact I had an appalling Diet and was out of... Read more

10 Tips for Cleaner Eating

1. Avoid all processed, refined, chemically treated packaged food as much as possible. 2. Avoid white bread, pasta, rice, cakes etc… 3. Cut down milky tea and coffee. Replace it with green tea or a pre-workout coffee. 4. Add more protein to your meals, alongside green leafy veggies. 5.... Read more

Our Trainers Diet and Fitness Training Plan- Sean

fruit porridge
Sample Daily Diet for Sean Breakfast: 4 eggs Omelette (with peppers) & 1/2 an Avocado Or Porridge with Fruit with Honey Snack: Turkey Slice with Almond butter Lunch: Beef Strip Salad(Olive oil dressing) Post workout: Whey Protein with Glutamine Dinner: 6-8 oz Steak Green Veg and Sweet Potato,1/2 Avocado... Read more

Our Trainers Diet and Fitness Training Plan- Chris

Sample Daily Diet for Chris Breakfast: 4 egg omelette w/ Smoked Salmon and Avocado Bowl of Organic Porridge w/Blueberries Lunch: Chicken / Homemade Burgers / Tuna One of the above with some sort of veg or salad (brocolli, spinach, green beans, asparagus etc) Dinner Options: Steak / Chicken /... Read more

Our Trainers Diet and Fitness Training Plan- Michelle

Sample Daily Eating plan for Michelle: On Rising: Pink grapefruit, hot water and fresh lemon juice, fish oil supplement. Breakfast: 2 eggs, ½ avocado with 2 rice cakes. Crossfit training Post workout: Whey protein shake made with Keifer milk, a banana and 2 tbsp. honey. Lunch: Chicken/turkey and vegetables... Read more

How to Prepare for Race Day

colour run
Regardless of whether it’s a marathon, a half marathon, a 10 k or 5k race, when race day is approaching, you should have a plan for backing off from your training in the same way that you had a plan for increasing your training originally. Depending on how far... Read more

Our Trainers Diet and Fitness Training Plan- Andy

We’ve had loads of recent emails about what our staff are eating and why they train they way they do. We want to practise what we preach so each week we will be doing a little Nutrition and Exercise snapshot of what a typical day looks like for them.... Read more

Cheating on Holidays- How to stay lean and eat (kind of) clean

happy beach couple
Everyone needs a cheat meal or we all go crazy, right? After eating well and training like animal, the last thing you want to happen, however, is for all your hard work to be in vain come your summer holidays. You have worked hard consistently and should be reaping... Read more

Before and After- Chris Cadwell- Our Trainer’s Transformation

chris before and after
Q & A with our Trainer Chris 1 – So you weighed 165kg with a 30% + bodyfat % and now you are 100kg approx and 8% … what is the secret to your drastic transformation? Theres no real secret per say, it’s just Will Power to be honest.... Read more

The Benefits of Vitamin D

The Benefits of Vitamin D Vitamin D is essential for our immune system. It is actually a prohormone, which triggers our genes to promote health which drops our risk of chronic illness. I like to refer to this as the sunshine vitamin as we make vitamin D in our... Read more

How to get Bikini-ready in just a few weeks!

victorias secret
OK, so the main focus of your training and nutrition plan should be long term maintenance and your overall health, but for the more time-conscious among the crowds, here are some top tips on how to get bikini ready in just  a few weeks:   Top tips on getting... Read more

New TRX Suspension Training Class starts Mon June 9th

TRX Training
What is TRX or Suspension Training? Suspension or TRX Training is a high interval exercise class which increases your heart rate and focuses on your abdominal muscles. Using suspension bands, you work your way through a series of guided exercise with your TRX certified trainer. This is a combination... Read more

The Edge: Clontarf Supplements

Supplementation is key to a healthy lifestyle and living at your optimum level- increased energy, more positive outlook, improved gut healthy, clearer skin, healthier nails and hair, sounder sleep- Just some of the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet with careful supplementation! But don’t just take our word... Read more

What should you be doing to optimise your results this summer?

We are asked this all of the time to be honest. What helps speed up my metabolism, what exactly is eating clean, what supplements are good to take to optimise my results- the questions are endless but we are keen to recommend what direction you should be taking for... Read more

Body Fat Percentage v’s Weighing Scales

body fat percentage
Many people on weight control plans rely on the bathroom scale to measure their progress. Critics of the bathroom scale note that it’s important to track your body composition, including body fat percentage, rather than just your weight.   Skinfold calipers have been available for years to measure body... Read more

How to get in shape for Summer

Well, well, well…look who’s come crawling back!?! Year in year out, we see people flood in the doors when the spring sunshine starts to show its gorgeous face! This year more than ever, we are seeing folks running along the promenade, joining bootcamps, power walking or even running around... Read more

The Edge: Clontarf Protein Shakes

protein shakes
Not only are we the best personal trainers in Dublin *as voted for by you guys 🙂 we also double up as pretty handy in the ole kitchen- well we make a pretty mean protein shake anyways… These shakes below also make a great breakfast alternative to eggs if... Read more

Personal Training in Dublin- what’s new?

personal training dublin
As you know, we offer both personal training and group classes or buddy training in Clontarf. Strength training is our main focus and we believe that a stronger body is a healthier body. By adopting our nutrition plan and strength training as part of your weekly routine, we can... Read more

The Best Personal Training in Dublin

personal training
Looking for an elite gym with top of the range strength training and functional training equipment with world class personal trainers in Dublin? We pride ourselves in the up-skilling of our team with our weekly staff trainings, our in-house range of Nutritional Supplements and our range of exclusive classes... Read more

Boxing Classes at The Edge: Clontarf

boxing classes
Due to the great success of our last 6 week Lads Boxing Course, we are delighted to announce that we will be running another 6 week course starting next Wednesday the 12th of March! The course comprises of 2 sessions a week, and takes place on Wednesdays at 9pm... Read more

Personal Trainers- our advice to get you bikini and shorts ready in time for summer!

Summer Bikini Body
Personal Training is the most efficient way to spend your time to reach your personal fitness and health goals. Working with a personal trainer yields results in a motivational and friendly way and at The Edge, we like to say that we bring a bit of fun to the... Read more

The importance of Continuous Education for Personal Trainers

personal training in dublin
Research into the health and fitness industry produces report after report of new findings, new stastistics, new methodologies, new diet plans and new exercise and strength programs. We strive to provide the best Personal Training facility, not just in Clontarf, but in Dublin and indeed the whole country. The... Read more

Personal Training for a more Personal approach

There’s a reason why most celebrities opt for personal trainers when they are making a change to improve their fitness, health and appearance.   Working with a personal trainer is the quickest, easiest and most successful to reach your health and fitness goals and has proved so effective that... Read more

Your body’s insurance policy- Super Multi-Vitamin

Besides eating clean and exercising smartly, in the health and fitness industry, the multi-vitamin and a good 8 hours sleep are your body’s Premium Health Insurance Policy. We know that it is near impossible to extract all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins from your daily intake of food.... Read more