How to start ‘Eating Clean’ for 2015!

The Pillars is a Four Week nutrition plan with a combination of different food ideas to keep your diet as clean as possible and to help you lose body fat and have a leaner shape.

By varying your diet plan each day, you will have a better chance of ensuring your body gets all of the vitamins and minerals it requires to perform at your optimum.

We have also chosen a few healthy recipes to help kick start your new cleaner diet and a shopping list to get you started…Starting off on your eating clean path needn’t be hard work- it’s about setting smaller goals and planning ahead- also known as ‘meal prep’- that being preparing your meals in advance in bulk, which means you tend to be more disciplined with your habits.


We recommend that you don’t let yourself get hungry or you will make the wrong choice always- carry almonds, a bottle of water and even a jar of nut butter and have a little nibble in between meals if you need to- just make sure to ask your trainer in detail about what you should and shouldn’t be eating!

You can purchase the female four week plan here and the male four week plan here.