Exercise Boosts our Mind and our Mood- but why?

So, why exactly do we get that super rush after we train? Why does it feel so hard to get out of bed on a cold winter’s morning to train, when it feels so damn good afterwards?!
When we exercise, our brains release beta-endorphins. These bad boys are mood-enhancing neuro-transmitters.
It’s not very often that our brains are totally focused on one task in hand. Exercise results in higher ‘alpha wave’ concentrations. This is why sometimes when you are exercising you  might find yourself suddenly having clearer thoughts, better ideas and remembering little to-do’s from the day!

Boxing woman
Exercise itself is in itself its own form of meditation meaning your brain is totally focused and we all know the positive effects of meditation- better sleep, better energy, increased IQ, better ability to tackle difficult situations etc…. Exercise has such potent effects on the mind that mainstream psychologists and Cognitive Behavourial Therapists often use it as a form of treatment for clinical signs of depression.

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