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5 tips for supplementing your diet

There are many products that are advertised to have ‘amazing’ effects for health and performance but what are the right supplements for general health and performance on a daily basis to ensure you are working at your optimal.

1. Fish oils or Omega 3’s: Fish oils are a staple for  all of our trainers and clients. Fish oils should be added to the diet of the wider public. Benefits include expressing (switching on) genes associated with fat burning, aiding in blood sugar control (paramount in lowering bodyfat), helping the body recover after workouts- the list goes on. You can purchase our high EPA/DHA omega 3 fish oils here.

2. Whey protein:  Whey protein is broken down in the body to amino acids especially those responsible for workout recovery, preserving lean muscle tissue and also aiding in performance during the your workout (if you can do more during the session, you get results faster!). Whey also helps increase your daily protein needs. Most single servings are around 25-30grams of protein equivalent to 120grams of chicken. You can now pop into our gym for a selection of premium protein- both whey and casein are in stock or can be ordered.

3. Vitamin D: Vitamin D seems to be the wonder supplement at the moment, and there are a myriad of reasons for this. All vitamins are obviously important, but the main difference with this vitamin is that it needs sunlight to be activated or through high concentrations through the diet. One way to find out if you have adequate vitamin d is to look out your window- typically little to no sunlight. If you don’t receive weekly doses of sunlight or eat a diet that contains higher level of vitamin d i.e. liver, fatty fish then you will need to supplement. Vitamin D helps with 100’s of genes that help with health, fitness strength, joint health and mental health. You can stock up here.

4. Infinity Fuel (greens drink): We all know the benefits of vegetables but how much do we regularly consume? The Edge developed Infinity Fuel for this very purpose. A super high concentration of mixed veg, berries, probiotics and oils makes sure you are getting the optimal from your body. We developed this product with a leading microbiologist to make sure the strains of probiotics are potent enough to keep you healthy year round so you can train hard and recover much more readily, session to session. They are our top-selling supplement with very good reason, so get yours here while you can.

5. Magnesium: Magnesium is one of those minerals that if low can cause cramps, low energy and bad sleeping patterns. Adding a dose of magnesium to your pre-bed meal can have significant effects on your sleep. Sleep is where the REAL magic happens- try training hard or losing body fat with a lack of sleep- it’s near impossible. Start off with 400mg of magnesium, take this for 5 days and add in another 200mg if needed. Here you can grab our blend of highly potent magnesium.

Again this is a very simplistic approach to supplementation, so should you have any questions at all regarding your own nutritional supplementation and what might be best for your goals, email: info@theedgegym.ie