Training with an injury

Training with an Injury

Being injured is a frustrating situation to be in, whether you’re an athlete, recreational gym goer or just someone that enjoys a small bit of exercise occasionally. It’s frustrating, time consuming and a literal pain to deal with.  Unfortunately, your ability does not mean you are immune to getting injured. While the temptation to refrain from any physical activity while you ‘recover’ might be rife, our Trainer Eoghan is here to help when training with an injury. 

It is inevitable that we pick up little knocks and niggles as we get older or try to push ourselves too hard, but understanding the appropriate way to managing our symptoms is vital for returning back to whatever activity we participate in and enjoy. 

At some point we encounter the dilemma of whether to continue training with an injury or not. Below are some tips on how I handle training with an injury (with clients) personally and advice I give to clients that have had a set back with an injury.

2. Work within your tolerance

If you want to keep exercising, then do it. Just understand that you will have to take a step back. Lighten the load, swap out an exercise, or work the non-injured side. There are plenty of exercises that can help with your injury, talk to one of our trainers about any concerns you have and we can always adjust an exercise to work within your tolerance and help get you back to the level you want to be.

2. Celebrate the small wins

You want to always remain positive. Injuries are something we all deal with eventually, but just because we aren’t at our full fitness, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the smaller wins. It’s so important to celebrate each milestone we make on the road to recovery and remind yourself that great achievements are the accumulation of many small steps. So, grab those lighter dumbbells and take each day as it comes.

3. Trust the process

Returning to exercise after an injury can take time and there will be set backs along the way. However, your body is so resilient and is designed to heal itself. Certain injuries need certain exercises that will help with the rehabilitation process so talking to a professional with knowledge in injury prevention and rehab is very important.

If you’re turning up to one of your gym session and have concerns about an injury, talk to one of our trainers. We are always willing to help and will guide you along the way step-by-step. Stick with the plan and you’ll be back to full health and fitness before you know it!