Where has my motivation gone?

So you’ve started your gym program in January and you are feeling electric. Motivation is at its highest, early morning sessions or evening sessions are easy to get ready for, food is on point and your workouts are feeling great. 

Now fast forward a month, you’re starting to dip, energy is lower, small excuses are creeping in. You’re most likely thinking, “where has this motivation gone?”

Well that in itself is the problem- motivation.

Staying hyped for long periods of time is, not only hard to keep up with, but it is also counter to your goals. Motivation is fleeting, but that’s normal with any goal setting. 

This is where a professional program, accountability and a clear path is always a winner. Most commercial gym members (just shy of 70%) stop using the gym after 3 months.

Why? Because they lacked a clear path, didn’t track their goals nor their progress (big and small) and weren’t accountable for any specific outcome.

Working with a personal trainer enables you to set up, manage and track your goals successfully. By bringing clients on a journey together, the difference is palpable in that suddenly you find that exercise is not only enjoyable, but  incredibly effective. With a longer-term adoption and a more optimistic outlook, you can expect a much healthier attitude to maintaining healthy eating and movement patterns. 

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