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Vitamin D- Do we need to supplement?

The argument for taking a vitamin D supplement is officially over, with a recent study from Trinity College Dublin revealing that a large proportion of the population are deficient in vitamin D and therefore supplementing or adding high vitamin d containing foods into your diet is a necessity.

Vitamin d can be absorbed from the sun (good luck with this in Ireland!) and through the diet, mainly from organ meats and fish such as wild Atlantic salmon (which is quite difficult to source as most of our salmon is farmed). The sourcing of good quality fish makes all the difference in the levels of vitamin d in the fish itself. Supplementing with vitamin d is an easy and cost-effective way of ensuring your blood levels of same, without compromise.

Why is vitamin d so important?

It has been shown that when your vitamin D levels are deficient you are 10x more likely to pass due to Covid-19 symptoms. The immune properties of vitamin d make this, especially for an Irish climate or indoors all day, one of the most important vitamins on your daily checklist.

Taking vitamin D at a dose of 2000iu per day will, over time, increase your body’s level of the vitamin and increase your ability to fight off invaders.

Our vitamin d is one of our bestselling supplements and with good reason- this is suitable for all of the family and comes in a delicious chewable format that is pleasant and easy to swallow.