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Our Trainers Diet and Fitness Training Plan- Sean

Sample Daily Diet for Sean

sean reid

Breakfast: 4 eggs Omelette (with peppers) & 1/2 an Avocado
Porridge with Fruit with Honey

Snack: Turkey Slice with Almond butter

Lunch: Beef Strip Salad(Olive oil dressing)

Post workout: Whey Protein with Glutamine

Dinner: 6-8 oz Steak Green Veg and Sweet Potato,1/2 Avocado


Fish Oil 3 caps with each main meal
Probiotics after breakfast in the morning
Amino Acids pre-workout


Fluid Intake

3.5 litres a day plus


Macro Nutrients are currently broken down into
240 grams of Protein
Fats 90 grams
100 grams of carbs from porridge, rice or sweet potato with as much veg and salad as I want


Extras for recovery and general well-being

  • I take Flaxseed before breakfast in a glass of water every day (soup spoon full)
  • Epsom Salts bath on Legs day once a week
I also use a Far Infra-Red sauna one to two times a week


Current Training Programme

I work with a 6, 12, 25 style programme for fat Loss and hypertrophy.  I tore ligaments in my knee in April so I’m finding it difficult to do a good leg session, therefore all programmes have been modified to suit my recovery and needs.
Legs, Chest and Back and Arms are the split days. 
Intervals are currently done twice a week

Rower 30/15 by 20 reps

Stepper 30/45 10 reps

Finish with Abs circuit