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Buckwheat Protein Pancake Recipe for Pancake Tuesday


Makes 5 to 6 large pancakes (2/3 Servings)

50g almond flour
50g of buckwheat flour
pinch of baking powder
200ml organic whole milk / almond milk
1 whole egg
2 egg whites
big scoop of protein powder (Chocolate works well)

Totals: Calories: 851 Protein: 60g Carbs: 51g Fat: 43g



Blend everything together. Ideally use a kitchen mixer, but you can just go at it with a whisk or fork. Drop some butter in a large frypan and wait until it’s hot. Pour some into the pan and let it cook. Turn when the bubbles that form in the cooking mixture begin to pop.

Serve with a small knob of butter and/or banana and honey or some yoghurt and a sprinkle of nature’s antioxidant, cinnamon.