Gyms Reopening June 7th- How to prepare for the countdown…

Looking to get back into your fitness groove post-covid with gyms reopening on June 7th? Slow and steady wins the race with our TOP TIPS on easing yourself back in and how to prepare for the countdown…

Whether you have been active with at-home workouts or you’ve taken a long Covid break from exercise, getting back into your fitness groove should be a gradual process. The fastest way to cause injury is to aim to hit the ground running, without any ground work, so to speak.

The good news is that it doesn’t take long to get your fitness and strength back, and with the right training and improving your nutrition, you will  be ready to go in next to no time!

Here are a few easy tips to follow to get back to normal:

1. Increase the resistance gradually. You will want to lift the same weight you were lifting prior to lockdown, but we would advise to start off with lighter weights for the first few weeks, with the help of our trainers, to ensure you can train longer, without injury. 

2. Keep your protein intake high. Higher protein levels (1.6grams per kg of bodyweight) are associated with greater satiety, faster recovery and increased fat loss. The key is to ensure the protein intake is evenly distributed throughout the day; for example 30grams of protein in 3-4 meals per day, versus a large portion of protein for dinner only.   

3. Build your cardio up slowly. Just like your resistance training advice, the fastest way for tendinitis, shin splits etc… is to hit the pavement hard as soon as gyms are open. Our advice here is to build up your distance week by week, allowing the body time to adapt.

4. Organise a consultation. Although all of our amazing clients receive a consultation prior to commencing training with us, rebooking a new consultation will help us establish new goals, help refocus your training and will allow us to see if there are any ways in which we can help you in achieving your fitness and strength goals. Consultations will take up to 30 minutes via Zoom (we can even fit into your lunch break!). The information we gather is extremely important when tailor-making your training plans.