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Tired of being tired?

What are Branch Chain Amino Acids( BCAA’s)?

When protein from food gets broken down in the body it gets turned into Amino Acids. These Aminos are the only substance that the body uses for muscle repair and growth. In addition to repair and growth they have been shown to delay fatigue, support mental focus and even boost fat loss!

We can also take Aminos in shake from called BCAA’s and are extremely easy to get into your system pre-training.

So when is the best time to take Aminos?

Studies have shown that the best time to take amino acids is 30-45 minutes pre training. Not only to they Act as a direct energy source for the muscle during your workout but when your workout is over they have been shown to help build muscle.

Each time you take BCAA you should go with a dosage of around 5-10 grams and should be taken in and around your workout.

Result! SO if you want to have more energy, increase your training drive and have decreased soreness in the days after you train, why not give our new Amino Acids a go?!

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