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Our Top Tips for a New Healthy You!

We’ve all been there- try a diet for a few days, give up, start again, do a quick detox, fall down again…You begin to see a horrible pattern which takes our body on a little rollercoaster ride of calories, bingeing and sugary highs and lows.
Here are our tried and tested tips on finding the balance and sticking to your goals:

What you need to do is find some consistency!

  1. Start off with a boost- a new plan such as our Pillars for Men and Women.
  2. Give yourself a little milestone- four weeks is usually good.
  3. Measure yourself at day 1 and each week. We also suggest taking photos, even if you are the only one seeing them.
  4. It’s all about tracking your improvements. Watch what you eat and keep a food diary- and honest one!
  5. By elimination certain foods, you will start to feel hungry as you will naturally crave sugar when you take it away- make sure to increase your good healthy fats and drink lots of water during this time.
  6. Snack between meals- think almonds, guacamole with veggies, blueberries, even an egg or some turkey sausage- never go hungry!
  7. Get a buddy to take part too- it’ll make it more of a challenge and will seem a little more fun too.
  8. Reward yourself after the four weeks- and start again. Milestone by milestone.
  9. Keep your programs at the gym interesting and keep challenging yourself.
  10. Invest in some good healthy clean eating recipe books and teach yourself new recipes and try new foods.
  11. Don’t buy treats- keep your fridge and presses clean and the cravings won’t be as strong!
  12. Have the odd cheat meal but don’t let your cheat meal turn into a full day or weekend in so far as possible.
  13. But don’t let your diet become your life. This is about a gradual lifestyle change- not a quick fix.
  14. Be gentle on yourself and if you are feeling like crap- which we all do from time to time, keep the before photo handy and remind yourself as to how far you have come…
  15. If our way of thinking kind of matches your way of thinking, why not pop along for a free consultation about personal training and nutrition and your personal goals and we will get you on the path to a healthier happier you!


Contact info@theedgegym.ie to take that first step!